Techarp Confirms XP SP3 For Next Month

RECALCITRANT users refusing to get with the programme and move to the brave new world of Vista will be heartened to learn that Service Pack Three for the wizened and wrinkly Windows XP hits the newsstands in April.

TechARP reports that SP3 will appear in two waves, with the Simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish versions appearing in the last two weeks of April and all other variants following three weeks later.

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mighty_douche3681d ago

No doubt it will work a charm and increase speeds (noticeably). Thank god! for dual boot :)

decapitator3681d ago

Ahh, good stuff. Should be a nice update based on the reports.

mighty_douche3681d ago

Few more fps out of Crysis would be welcomed :)

solar3681d ago

too bad dx10 will never see the XP. my only reason to own vista is for dx10.

gw4k3681d ago

You know what I love about DX 10? Lets take Crysis as an example. You can run Crysis in DX10 on xp, by changing some of the config files. The developers took out that support for xp so Vista would look that much better. Other developers are probably doing the same, thanks to a request from MS.

Vista, one day you may be smooth os, but not now.

Ubuntu and xp, you are mine!

Kakkoii3680d ago

gw4k: Actually.... It's not DirectX10 that it's using when you do that.

All it does is put forth instructions for effects but still using the DirectX9 engine. So the effects won't look quite as good as real DirectX10 ones.

DirectX10 is part of Vista's framework. There is no DX10 in XP.

But there are some people working on porting DX10 to XP and getting it to work.

KYU21303681d ago

more large updates to slow down an already bloated OS.. thank god i don't use a PC.. thank god for my MAC. ***i have no real problem with Windows, i just rather spend my time using my computer than constantly updating it***

Kakkoii3680d ago

Rofl, ok there buddy.

SP3 brings even more performance to the already great performing Windows XP. As many benchmarks have shown.

Get that snobby Mac attitude out of your head.

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