Naughty Dog “toyed with even cutting the infected out completely” in The Last of Us

During the development of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog were relentless in cutting things that didn’t work or broke the reality of the game, which almost stretched to the infected as well.

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OlgerO2011d ago

Im glad they didnt, it really seems to add another dimension to the world.

GenericNameHere2011d ago

Was just watching The Walking Dead on Netflix a few hours ago (it's a shame I didn't watch it before because it's really good!), and my mom freaked out the first time she saw how horrible and terrifying the zombies looked, but she stayed for the atmosphere and story.

Once I get this game, I can't wait to play this game with my parents around so they can also be horrified by the Infected, but then stay for the atmosphere, setting, characters, and the story!

On topic, since ND decided to keep the Infected in, I am interested in how they explain the importance and origin of them. The cordyceps documentary was fascinating, and I have no doubt ND will deliver on this!

Hellsvacancy2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Gaming with your mom, thats really cute


Edit: The only "gaming" my missis does is play that damn CandyCrush, I game with my 5 year old daughter often, but im a cool Dad so im bound to

bageara2011d ago

A lot of Moms are gamers these days. My wife is a gamer and she's always gaming with our son

Toon_Link2011d ago

Hey don't knock it till you tried it! ^^

plaZeHD2011d ago

Lol my mom enjoys watching me play Arkham City in the living room. She watches it as a movie.

GenericNameHere2011d ago

Haha nah my mom's not a gamer. But she does like watching the games I play. When I was playing Uncharted 3, she loved the parts where Drake is in the cruise ship! She thought it looked like a movie.
Then when I was playing Sleeping Dogs just 2 weeks ago (great game btw! I'm happy PS+ introduced me to this game), she was concerned at first because I just started beating people up for no reason (I told her the character I was playing as was Bruce Lee, so I could do anything). Then she just started watching for the gameplay, story, and the karaoke :)

I love having my parents around when I watch videogames. It's a great way of bonding with my family, it makes my parents excited that games can look like movies nowadays, they love the types of games I play (no matter how gore-y) because of the great atmosphere and characters and story, and just generally are happy watching me play videogames.

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Cam9772011d ago

The infected transmitted the virus from one derived from ants which causes them to eat their own as the virus takes over. I think they then commit suicide.

Allsystemgamer2011d ago

The infected don't appear often but when they do it's pretty scary. I got the game Friday (thanks to local stores :3) and I just got past that part in the subway from the demo they showed a while back. I kept restarting it cuz I wanted to get through undetected by the clickers lol

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Tiqila2011d ago

they are so great in making great games that exceed everything there was before

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plmkoh2011d ago

They really toned down the infected from original concept arts. Originally they had very grotesque monsters that were contorted much like Necromorphs from Dead Space, a good choice I reckon, it would have ruined seriousness of the game if they went with the concepts.

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