GT5 Prologue press kit revealed

PS3 Addict reveals the european GT5 Prologue press kit.

"Today I finally got my hands on GT5 Prologue. It came in a beautiful black box from SCEE. Inside I found the usual game and press disks, and a set of 7 cards with cars on one side and game facts on the other. "

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longduckdong3766d ago

the press doesn't deserve them

eagle213766d ago

Europe get's to start playing this on March 28, is currently number 1 on uk amazon and in the top of every other amazon. April 17 needs to hurry up :)

level 3603766d ago

We get tomorrow here in Autralia.

eagle213766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I live in America, we get it April 17..

travis bundercup3766d ago

1 day!!!!!1 1 day ooooooooooone friggin day.

Agente473766d ago

The game is in most stores in Europe already, they just cant sell it yet, but some will if you beg.

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