Nintendo's Wii U Basic: Discontinued, New Bundles, or Bigger Storage?

Is Nintendo recalling the Wii U?

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project_pat362017d ago

umm.. no they are not lol. you should get better sources.

RiPPn2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Best Buy just came out and said that the basic model was recalled from them also. With the introduction of a white deluxe model, it's quite easy to speculate that they are likely eliminating the basic model for an E3 announced price cut of the deluxe model.

Reibooi2017d ago

That would make the most sense. More so given that most people I know didn't want the basic and only wanted the Deluxe.

Perhaps they will just kinda rebrand the deluxe as simply a Wii U and have one SKU and leave it up to the consumer to get more storage. I wouldn't have a problem with that at all. Just hoping we see a price cut. There are some games coming to the Wii U later on that I really want but with Next gen starting I am gonna have to be quite choosy with my money.

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Summons752017d ago

needless bigger storage......with the ability to add external harddrives to the WiiU as well as PS4, and xbone? Putting in large hdds shouldn't be needed anymore. Not only because it would cut down production value making a more affordable system but external hard drives are ridiculously cheap. I'm using a 1tb right now and I just bought a 2tb for other things for 30 bucks the other day.

I got the 8gb model already planning on using the 1tb hard drive

Magnus2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

The basic console is basic with a small amount of memory to it and Nintendo does not make alot of money on it. Also why have two consoles on the market when you want the expensive one to sell. So chopping the basic one and allowing the more expensive one to sell is only logical. Microsoft took a differant root with the 360 in which they still make money. When a person buys an Arcade 360 they have to shell out $150 for the HDD for the 4 gig console. When all added up equals the same price as the console with the HDD built in $300. So I don't blame Nintendo scrapping the basic console if they wish to make money. But recalling the console after its made is pointless. Just chop the SKU and let the console sell out on the store shelves and not make any more basic consoles.

Knushwood Butt2016d ago

Big E3 reveal - Nintendo to bundle Nintendo Land with a Wii U.

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