Eric Lempel talks PS3 firmware 2.20

People have been excited about the latest PS3 firmware, 2.20. However, some many be confused by all the features hidden in this latest update. SCEA's Eric Lempel walks us through the firmware in this very informative feature.

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Bazookajoe_833651d ago

BD live: if u have a bluray movie it can connect to a kind of homepage for the movie where they can put up for example a trailer for a sequel thats exclusive for those who own the movie, or some interactive stuff.

Enhanced remoteplay: u can use youre psp as a control to play youre music on youre ps3.

Web enhancement: The web pages will load a little faster and you can save images and videoclip you find on the web.

And there where some more stuff there, divx now supports subtitles.

wulan3651d ago

i am waiting for 8th april to get my hands on the 1st BD LIVE enabled blu ray disc

Torch3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

for me is that now ALL my Divx & Xvid files now play flawlessly on the system.

Before last night, I was required to re-encode otherwise-fine video files to AVC or Divx, way too often.

Funny thing is that this critical tweak wasn't even mentioned (not unlike Sony to do so...those sly dogs!)

Awesome update!!!

BTW: Regarding the internet browser, am I the only one who can't log-on to their N4G account via their PS3? Strange that I have no problem doing so with my PSP.

lovedaddy3651d ago

Still looks like you cannot stream > 4 gig Mp4 files (also tried burning one to a DVD).

For me, this firmware is complete rubbish.

kornbeaner3651d ago

I can't log into N4G via PS3 either, weird thing is I can log into badjoystick via PS3, but then I get logged off as soon as I come onto N4G.

Bazookajoe_833651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Have they enhanced the encoder to? that would be really great, i hate that it only take "took" like two third of the movies..

I havent tried going to n4g on my ps3, but it works flawless on my psp.

Bazookajoe_833651d ago

I think it could be really cool if it´s done right =)

Torch3651d ago

To be honest, I haven't had the chance yet to sit through an entire movie; I just threw a whole slew of previously-non-functioning streamed files via TVersity.

Everyone played without a hitch...although I did notice that one of them took a few extra seconds to "wind-up", but that could've been latency on the PC side.

Sorry you feel that way; I haven't yet had the need to play 4Gig files.

I don't know about it being 'rubbish', but that should definitely get addressed...and it quite likely will in a future update. I remember not being able to play the Dolby 5.1 from my AVC-HD camcorder files...pissed me off.

And then, one day, voila!...Full 5.1 audio!

Mikelarry3651d ago

u aint i as well cant sign in n4g. i just wanna know why sony instead of making a web browser of thier own they just didnt join with one of this web browser company to provide an even better web browser

fenderputty3651d ago

The browser is a little quirky to say the least but, they do manage to keep improving it. They need to make the thing compatible with newer flash files. I am glad I can save links to my HD though. This is nice. If they manage to fix all these issues, I would almost never use my PC to surf the web again.

chaosatom3333651d ago

that they can add flash or something for videos?

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Lumbo3651d ago

now i only miss OGM support and support for mtk containers(that are way more functional and advanced compared to avi containers AND are open source+free)

arakouftaian3651d ago

its true we cant still log in from the ps3 2 g4t to coment but when i visit gametrailets and put 2 download a video( becuz whit the ps3 cant wach a video from gt) its show up the video on play at teh same time its downloading so i dotn need 2 wait untill the download is done i could wach it at teh same time is downloading it. and that a cool new feature!!!!

eagle213651d ago

I like the buffering, save target, also youtube is even faster (and it was always lag free to begin with). This update was also lightning fast for me to download. Every step was completed in 4 minutes and 23 seconds. Usually it takes about 6-7 minutes for me. Thanx Sony. Love this update.

gw4k3651d ago

Sony, Give us something good. It is a game machine for gods sake.

Games first, then movies.

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