Forgotten Memories Horror Game Headed To Wii U And PS Vita

Forgotten Memories is an indie horror game that’s been in in development for over a year now. It initially started out as an iOS-only project, but is now headed to the Wii U and PS Vita as well.

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archlejarde1747d ago

looks good, i want a horror game for vita!

jujubee881747d ago

Hopefully, it will start a trend. Imagine if Amnesia comes on VITA! @[email protected]

Tiqila1746d ago

i dont think you get the same amount of immersion on a handheld, so I would prefer playing amnesia on my desktop pc anytime

CaptCalvin1746d ago

Played Silent Hill Origins on the PSP. I was immersed just fine.

WiiUsauce1746d ago

I thought there was a Silent Hill game on Vita, no?

animegamingnerd1746d ago

it was more diablo then a silent hill game

HarryMasonHerpderp1746d ago

They added in things like giant tree monsters and big stone golems that throw rocks at you.
Let's never mention that game again....ever!

PsychOff1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

... and people say there aren't Vita games being announced daily... Well just about.

thesavagelife71746d ago

Headed to two flopping products.

boybato1746d ago

Although I agree that those are two unusual console choices, since this is an Indie title it might work on their benefit -taking into account the lack of existing software therefor less competition & Vita's push for indies.

BosSSyndrome1746d ago

Two flopping, AMAZING products.

r211746d ago

PS and Nintendo fans, unite and disagree!

jc485731746d ago

not hating, but this looks like porno.

SonyPS41746d ago

Something those two systems needed!

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The story is too old to be commented.