What is the best Blu-Ray player out there?

With the versions of Blu-Ray standards changing as often as they are, and with new features being added to various Blu-Ray discs its no surprise that even with the choice of HD-DVD being eliminated its still hard to decide which Blu-Ray player to buy. You might be surprised at the answer to this new question.

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mighty_douche3678d ago

PS3.... Show me another that plays Casino Royale and MGS4.

You bought an Xbox3678d ago

Dont take a genius to work it out
Ok just for the Xbots

Bazookajoe_833678d ago

Bd live could be cool if it´s done right =)

Danja3678d ago

Beign that the PS3 is upgradeable it will always be able to keep up with the other players making it the best Blu Ray player on the market right now..and the cheapest..