More Proof That the Wii U Basic Is About To Go Extinct, Via Best Buy


Earlier this week, GameStop issued a June 18 "recall" of the 8GB $300 Wii U Basic, the version of the Wii U that smart consumers knew to avoid. (Edit: Okay, okay, see the comments for reasons why some smart people did buy the 8GB version.) Now a tipster sends us an internal flyer from Best Buy that looks like the retail giant is chucking the 8GB next week.

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LOL_WUT2012d ago

Clearly a price cut is coming Nintendo can't be that foolish to let the opportunity pass them by. ;)

WiiUsauce2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

bro, you have no life. Why are you always on Nintendo articles if you CLEARLY do not like Nintendo or the Wii U at all?? All signs point to= having no life. I bet if you used the time you spent trolling Nintendo articles to play your PS3/Vita instead, you would've platinummed the entire PS3/Vita library by now. lol go play your system of choice if it's obviously that much better than Nintendo's consoles ;)

Skate-AK2012d ago

Might be passive agressive trolling but it would be foolish to let a price cut pass people by.

Y_51502012d ago

Well that's good for me. I wanted the White one but I didn't want the basic model. I'm kinda picky on console colors. :P

Dlacy13g2012d ago

WiiU certainly needs some help and I think this is a step in the right direction for them.

RiPPn2012d ago

I'm hoping the price drop is significant, $250 would mean a future sale could put it around $200, and that's my price point on the Deluxe.

ABizzel12012d ago

I'm just remembering that the Wii U cost $299 and $349.

Nintendo needs a steep price cut on these consoles. That's far too much for what's inside of them.

$199 - $249.

byeGollum2012d ago

I hope there's a price drop. . I'm so gonna get one. . Either way.

RiPPn2012d ago

You should have bought one yesterday then. Most stores were giving a 50$ gift card with the purchase of a deluxe. Then you could have went back and price matched the new price plus kept the 50$ gift card. :)

byeGollum2012d ago

:D . . 'nd you assume I live in the states? Sure I could have gotten it earlier, it's still nice to save some money to spend on games, and accessories.

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The story is too old to be commented.