NVIDIA's New Quad SLI Disappoints - 'Lackluster Performance'

Pcper writes:

"Quad SLI is a familiar term to us - not only have we had to hear about for months building up to today's release but NVIDIA has tried this once before. The card of choice (well, really there was no choice) was the GeForce 7950 GX2 and the success of the platform was less than spectacular. After being met with lackluster performance results, small lists of compatible games and eventually complete abandonment at the hands of NVIDIA when Vista came in to the fray the company definitely needed to rethink things."

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decapitator3683d ago

Damn, these guys sound pretty down about it. Hope NVIDIA release a patch ASAP.

Massacre3683d ago

This thing was hyped as hell. I will wait for more reviews before jumping to conclusions though.

mighty_douche3683d ago

So thats what... 2 GX's £800 new mobo £200... yeah i think its fair to be disappointed.

Though, Drivers can make a huge difference, give it some time.

DJ3683d ago

They need to get all the chips on the same motherboard. The other issue is game programming, and I have yet to even hear about native multicore GPU support that's built to take advantage of what we're seeing here.

This is where console development has a major advantage; static hardware.

Tyrael3683d ago

If the benchmarks of the GeForce 9 series are so similar to the performance of Series 8, then of course we would be bummed. I can get similar performance from an 8800GT for less money. The only time we'll see value is when the new drivers come out.