New Beautiful Project CARS Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming racer, Project CARS. Project CARS looks fabulous, and we are really looking forward to its final build. The development team has been improving this title with every new build"

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john21928d ago

pCars is definitely rivaling Forza5 and DriveClub (in terms of visuals)

SOD_Delta1928d ago

No doubt. Those screenshots look beautiful. I`m keeping an eye from this game. I'll be looking forward to this along with DriveClub and GT6.

Triforce0791928d ago

It owns all racing games in graphics and scope END OF.

Kal-El-0011928d ago

its so obvious especially with the right monitor

Angeljuice1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Looks really nice ( yellow car close-up looks a little naff and flat though). I think these pics are on par with DriveClub for the most part (a couple look better, a couple not quite as good).
I really like the weather choices (overcast skies look more realistic to my English eyes, lol).

Lots more development time left on this title so should be truly stunning by launch!

Triforce0791928d ago

Project cars has basically achieved photo realism.GT6 and FORZA5 have no chance.

LonDonE1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

these are pc screen shots, obviously running on a pc with allot more power the graphics will look great, but on consoles (360,PS3,WiiU) its only native 720p and at only 30fps, compared to forza(native 720p at 60fps) and Gran turismo 5 which is native 1280 by 1080p at 60fps! in a racing game which is supposed to be a sim like racer, i think being only 30fps will hurt the overall experience compared to GT5 and forza, racers and sims should always be 60fps! while 30fps is more then playable, for arcade racers, the bottom line is when you have a alternative like forza or GT5 at 60fps, their is no competition! sorry that's just my opinion, the console versions wont look any where near this good, and GT5 physics will always be king! maybe on next gen consoles it will be better, but those two will have great racers, so project cars has allot to beat!

M-M1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Project Cars has some really insane graphics, so photo realistic.

NVIDIAGeek1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Disagrees? WTF? We're not going against any PlayStation racers, disagree-ers. Just the obvious fact that this game looks fantastic, just like your PS racers.

Dee_911928d ago

dude worrying about disagrees on this site is so pointless.Like some one said you will get disagree for typing water is wet.I mean its not photo realistic imo because the lighting is just like most racers this gen, however the textures level of detail and the cars themselves look top notch.
If your talking photo realism that has a lot to do with the lighting, like in GT5 and 6 the lighting is incredible take this video for expample
First glance it looks real.Those photo he posted its obvious its a video game, thats not a negative its just an observation

TechnicianTed1928d ago


So you're going to compare screenshots to videos?

Angeljuice1928d ago

I've listed the consoles I have owned and got disagrees on it. You just have to laugh it off. ;-)

Dee_911928d ago

@TechnicianTed who said I was comparing?
I was showing how lighting can achieve photo realism. How about you read what I type before you reply to me

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Triforce0791928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

On wiiu it will be basically equal to ultra in terms of textures and lighting ect but will be native 720p they said prob 30fps due to more effects but that might change,ps3 and 360 are holding bk development and dont run at native 720p but up scaled,graphics on the dx11 video's or official trailers represent pc/wiiu graphics,its why Slightly mad want to just concentrate on wiiu and pc versions.

sinjonezp1928d ago

The game is stunning. The issue I would have is referencing their previous titles such as Need for Speed Shift Unleashed. On PC is one of the best racers to look at but the handling always seemed like the cars had no weight and was ice skating all over the place. I hope with PCars they really get the physics and the power to weight corrected.

aliengmr1928d ago

They are saying that is being corrected. They talked about overhauling that specific part of the engine.

Confickercrash1928d ago

Excellent visuals, but why the fictitious sponsor decals? If they want to strive for authenticity they need to correct this.

NVIDIAGeek1928d ago

It's funded by the sim community and also it is moddable.

aliengmr1928d ago

How do decals effect performance?

I would rather they spend their relatively small budget on the driving part of the game.

ooquis1928d ago

The car models look sick lets face it,but the quality of the surroundings doesn't match,flat trees and crowds that doesn't match the cars graphics.

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