Microsoft's Xbox One, Dead Before Arrival?

ThatNaijaBlog - Microsoft may have shot itself after revealing the official policies of the Xbox One; internet connectivity, Kinect, used games and privacy. Three documents extensively talks about how each of the points would be deployed in next gen gaming.

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Crazay2014d ago

Nope. Now can we get these lame types of stories off N4G?

NatureOfLogic2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

You only think It's "lame" because It's not in favor of your console of choice(see, you don't always have to use the word fanboy).

@ Mika in reply to "The people whining on here and other sites need to remember that they are a small minority."

Exactly. Why make a comment that you know most will disagree with? And why do everyone think that the casuals will automatically flock to the Xbox one like they did the Wii. Xbox one is too complicated to understand for the core gamers, the Wii was simple.

Crazay2014d ago

I've got many consoles. Multiples of them even. I like the unique variety each one brings to the table and don't want any of them to fail. Wether it's the exclusive titles for each, the new and exciting features/interfaces or the way it allows us to connect with our friends and family for an adventure regardless of their location.

I have my favorites but typically that changes with each generation. At one time it was NES, then Genesis, then PlayStation then Dreamcast then PlayStation 2 then Xbox 360. See where I'm going here? I've always had all the systems purely because I love gaming.

LOGICWINS2014d ago

Or maybe because its the 118th article on N4G saying the same damn thing. Whether your interested in the One or not, we need more article diversity on this site.

PFFT2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Meh i think it works both ways. You think these types of articles arent lame cause they are not negative articles about the PS4. If it were youd probably be taking shit about these articles. HELL i highly doubt they would even pass approval.

Ritsujun2013d ago

Turned into bone before arrival.

justastranger102013d ago

I plan to buy an x1 like many of my friends. We are going to enjoy great games like Titanfall,ME 2, Halo 5, Forza 5, etc. It's gonna be awesome.

DragonKnight2013d ago

You people complaining about the articles should instead focus your attention on WHY these articles are written. Has it ever occurred to you that A LOT of people have something to say about how much MS have f***ed up and that not all of them have had their submissions go through yet?

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-Mika-2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Thank you. The people whining on here and other sites need to remember that they are a small minority. The casual gamers is the large majority. MS could care less about the reaction of some loser in his mom basement. Im just so sick of this anti MS crusade. It starting to get ridiculous. Oh and I bubbled you up because I have a feeling you're going to get bubbled down for the comment you wrote.

@ King

And how do you know he a fanboy. Maybe he just sick of the anti MS crusade that going on in this site. Im not a MS fan but it starting to get ridiculous.

Bluepowerzz2013d ago

SHUT UP seriosusly behind that pc i bet your some microsof spokes man or something your the minority someone who supports anti customer bs.

MrWonderful2013d ago

That large majority isn't gonna fork out $400-500 on a freaking surveillance system that's supposed to play video games. And more people are aware of this then you think because every major news station has put articles of it in print or on their broadcast, oh and given what the American government is doing now people are far more on edge with this then they ever have been before.

Rockstar2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

For some this may be about fanboyism but for a huge majority this is purely about all of this anti used game BS that MS is trying to shove down our collective throats. They are hoping that people will just go buy the console and #dealwithit. I almost always buy my games brand new and I rarely lend my friends games, but even I can see if we all roll over and take it, it will be the new norm going forward and the people that will pay are the people that rely on rentals and friends for their games.

Games aren't cheap and may be even more expensive in the near future and not everyone can shoulder the cost of a full priced game.

I'm not buying one and neither should you.
Even though I own all of the consoles that are currently available I am a Sony supporter through and through, that's where I do a majority of my gaming.
If Sony comes out with some BS DRM I wont be getting a PS4 either because I don't want to be partially responsible for the downfall of gaming.
It'll suck but there it is.

I'll only be gaming on this PC right here if that happens.

Commandar_Shepard2013d ago

I am a big fan of the Xbox 360. Halo is my favorite shooter franchise of all time. I've been subscribed to Xbox Live Gold for at least 4 years. But I could not be more dissapointed with the Xbone.

It's like MS sat at a round table and decided to come up with the worst console ever. Let's see here:

Online Check Every 24 Hours
No Renting
No Lending
Many games you cannot even trade in
For the ones you can, they can only be at specific retailers (GameStop)
You can only give a game to a friend if they have been on your friends list for 30 days and they keep it forever
Kinect required to be plugged in at all times
Deals with the NSA

Yes, many games will be announced at E3 but that won't help this cluster bomb of a system. MS managed to even ruin their two best exclusive franchises (Halo and Gears) in the span of 4 months.

And it's not just "nerds in their mothers basements". Many whom I have talked to also refuse to buy an Xbone because of these issues. Even if it sells well, there will be a massive uproar from people who can't play their new system due to a lack of Internet.

Imalwaysright2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

No no no this isn't about casual gamers. This is about CONSUMERS in general and as soon as they know about MS anti-consumer policies do you for think for one moment that the majority of them would be willing to give up their rights for a console? Don't understimate consumers. We are not stupid and unlike you fanboys we care more about ourselves than we care about multi-billion dollar companies.

medman2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Mika, and those like him/her, are blind to the fact that a corporation is taking away your rights as a consumer. Next, they will take your hand and lead you directly into an open casket. And you will be smiling, all while being buried alive, believing this company will do you no harm. Good luck with that. Me, no thanks Microsoft. When I buy a product, I expect to own said product. I expect to be able to loan it to friends, and in turn receive games I want to try from them. I also don't expect to have to check in with mommy every 24 hours to see if I've been a good boy and I will be allowed to play MY OWN DAMN GAMES! Microsoft can go fuck themselves. Hard.

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Bluepowerzz2013d ago Show
batbatz2013d ago

Its very important that the XBone experiment fails horribly, to protect consumers rights

medman2013d ago

I can see alot of uninformed consumers buying this product not knowing anything about the policies behind it. When they find out they can't use the product as they would like, and the software restrictions are draconian, they will be pissed. At that point, many will seek to return the product. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the evil bastards at Microsoft came up with some bullshit policy to limit how and why you can return this piece of garbage console. Who knows, maybe these scumbags will adopt the 24 hour return policy to match their 24 hour check in policy. Any gamer who buys this console is a complete tool, and deserves the backhanded slap Microsoft is trying to give us all. Stand up for your rights people. If you lay down for this dog, you have no spine, and should expect to have to lay down for several more dogs in the coming years.

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TheItalianStallion2013d ago

I am getting xbox one on launch day and will enjoy my Forza 5 and other high quality games. My kids love Kinect games on the X360 so I will pick up a few games for them as well. Games is game and the more variety the better because I can play Forza when I have spare time and clown around with families with casual games. Both xbox 1 and PS4 will offer the same type of services and games so it is a matter of taste. I just so happen to like xbox more so I going with that. If you like Wii U, PS4, that is your preferences and I will respect that but these lame articles are nothing but food for the trolls.

batbatz2013d ago

I hope youre in the minority.., but by all means enjoy your Xbone

Psn8002013d ago

Good riddance , I have never been this hard before on another console because it's good for competition but when you treat gamers like this and try to wreck our industry your no good because we all have a bit of banter with each other but this corporation has gone too far hurting it's own fans that have stuck with it for two generations I urge you Xbox fanboys to quit now and get yourselves a PS4 you will be looked after .

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rebirthofcaos2014d ago

Microsoft's Xbox One, Dead Before Arrival?

I hope so, we dont need that kind of BullS#it.

Commandar_Shepard2013d ago

Like Sony in 2006 and Nintendo in 2008, they need to be knocked off of their high horse and taught a lesson.

kreate2013d ago

U can teach Sony and Nintendo a lesson. But I doubt Microsoft is teachable.

ShaunCameron2013d ago

Umm. How was Nintendo in 2008 knocked off their high horse again? Wasn't that the year they posted all-time high revenues?

Commandar_Shepard2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Look at the Wii's decline and the bombing of the Wii U.

Majin-vegeta2014d ago

I'm sorry but no one who calls himself a "GAMER" can be for this abomination of a console.That practically wants to destroy our hobby.I for one will not buy it.Even if Sony does something like this i will boycott them both.I can quit gaming as easily as I entered it.I have plenty of other hobbies i can do.


DivineAssault 2013d ago

I hope we get prices or releases for the new systems on monday.. Both would be great but at least one of them

Magnus2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

It died the moment they announced it and showed it. The machine is ugly my microwave looks better. The machine needs to be hooked to the net 24/7 we all know with the cable features XBL is going to go up in price big time. They made up a stupid policy about used games which right their dug their graves. They focused more on making it cable box instead of showing some glimmer of games on the console. I know E3 is around the corner. Come on Sony showed us some game videos for the PS4. The cable aspect is kind of useless to me I live in Canada where Netflix is a dummied down version. Who knows what channels I will get that I don`t already have. I`m not saying this as a Sony fan boy but the XboxOne is a console I am skipping.

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