What Sony Has To Show At E3 To Keep PS4 Momentum

Everyday Digitals - Going into this E3 Sony has a lot of momentum. They've now officially sold more PS3's than Microsoft has sold Xbox 360's in the world (both a little over 77 Million units). They're about to release the highest reviewed game of the year (so far) with Last of Us next week and Microsoft has a minor PR nightmare on their hands at the moment. All of this is casting the PS4 in a very favorable light among core gamers. It's Sony's to win, all they have to do is...

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Magnus2019d ago

Don`t announce a stupid policy on used games like Microsoft did a $10 passcode I have to purchase I am for. And keep PSN free to play online and I think Sony will do great with the PS4.

abzdine2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

i can really feel that they did great not to show PS4 on feb 20th. So for me just showing the actual box would make people talk about it for months now that they confirmed many times that they're not supporting all the DRM drama and by not supporting the DRM crap not only they will win customers but they are keeping things simple cause for X1 DRM policy people need high degrees in school just to understand and remember all the things :D

Keep it simple, focus on games, reveal a fair price and that should do it.

I have never been so excited for an E3 in my life before.

Greatness awaits

Tiqila2018d ago

"I have never been so excited for an E3 in my life before."

Same! Counting days to e3 since the first announcement of the ps4!

hakis862018d ago

How about some modding-games?

I think it's a smart move to bring several F2P-games to the PS4, it might attract more people to the system to try out some games, and they might be more likely to buy games after that.

However, I feel the PS3 had some exclusive experiences this generation - it had a bunch of modding games (ModNation Racers and LBP), I don't think that experience was availible on the Wii or 360.
So maybe they can reveal some more "moddable" games? New ModNation Racers? Maybe a shooter where you can make and share your own level?

Freak of Nature2018d ago

That pretty much is spot on.

Then throw in the new Naughty dog Ip, Sony Santa Monica's new IP, where the The Last guardian is at in developement, and of course for me anything Media Molecule, just to pick a few of the couple dozen I am dying to hear and see more of....

This is my 14th E3 I will be attending, and I can say this is the most optimistic I have been, and intrigued to see all what they have in store for us....

Freak of Nature2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Another thing I am hoping for....would be for remote play for the vita with ps4 games... And hope that DRM is off of the menu...

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EverydayDigitals2019d ago

If they come out and say their policy will stay the same way as the PS3 they may get a standing ovation although I have a feeling there will be at least some caveats do to publisher pressure.

M-M2018d ago

To be honest, I don't think they'll have aggressive policies on DRM like Microsoft has. Sony says that you don't need an internet connection to play games, so I really don't see how DRM would coincide with the PS4(unless you bought a multiplayer only game, then I see some developers pushing some sort of DRM).

Agent_hitman2018d ago

No need to doubt about sony. They already proved themselves these past years and I'm pretty sure they will continue that momentum they've gained to further expand the playstation experience.

Alos882018d ago

Bring out a long-anticipated title, something like The Last Guardian, Versus or Agent. It won't take much for Sony to win E3 this time imo.

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