Why you shouldn't buy an Xbox One

Microsoft wants to control what gamers can and can't do with games they buy and perhaps even want to spy on them with the Kinect sensor. Gamers need to send Microsoft a message that this type of behavior is not okay by not purchasing an Xbox One.

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dedicatedtogamers2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Wow. Examiner is jumping on this bandwagon? I guess I'm just waiting for some of these people to do a 180 after Halo 5 (or something like that) is announced and suddenly all is forgiven...

But what happens when mainstream channels like Fox News get a hold of all this info? Boy oh boy, all it takes is one conspiracy-theory journalist to link PRISM and Xbox One together, aired during News At 6, and then the trouble really begins...

Ashlen2019d ago

I'd say the trouble for Microsoft has already begun.

And i'm doubtful a few sequels are going to get them out of it.

NatureOfLogic2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

The damage is done to the Xbox brand. There's no recovering from this bad impression of Xbox. MS's ultimate goal has been exposed.

Why o why2019d ago

Ill wait for e3 for my final judgement. I'm actually hoping ms does a u turn on a few things. I'm hoping they're actually listening to the concerns people have. Surely it cant be too late.

Godmars2902019d ago

Or regular news could get on the online required bandwagon. Or the one about no game rentals. Or that Xb1 needs an HDMI port for either/both a TV or cable box.

Really don't get why people were saying MS was ripping off a band-aid in regards to Xb1, gaming and online. More and more sounds like its closer to ripping fresh stitching.

Qrphe2019d ago

A lot of the Fox News extremists are "muh freedoms" concerned parents, I can it negative coverage definitely falling on the X1 from them.

SpinalRemains2019d ago

Fox News?

The viewers either live in Alabama or they're 80 years old and just want to "take Amairka back!"

Still, I wouldn't put it past MS, to give Rupert Murdoch or the Koch bros some incentive to have someone on that farce of a news network, praise the One.

Nafon2019d ago

So... do people really think microsoft is going to spy on them? lol...

azazel6652019d ago

They don't have to "think" it, it's been proven. They were the very first company to sign onto PRISM. Click the link in the article about what PRISM is. They have been giving all your information to the government for six years.

Godmars2902019d ago

They've been talking about using Kinect to "gather" user data almost since announcing it.

Ausbo2019d ago

exactly. Theyve already said you can turn the privacy on so they don't gather any data, you can turn it off, pause it, not use it, or turn it away from you. When its off, all it is listening for is "xbox on".

The DRM is a different story, but the people scared microsoft is watching them are ridiculous.

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Majin-vegeta2019d ago

Cuz you'll be dooming gaming.

Belking2019d ago

lol...N4G conspiracy theories....

SpinalRemains2019d ago


They were outed as having given the NSA loads of personal data! Where have you been? Then the Kinect launches with forced integration???//

Stay asleep. It suits you.

Belking2019d ago

Kinect isn't being used to spy on people. That's ridiculous. They don't need kinect to spy when the internet is available to do Some smart Tvs have cameras too, are they spying? No reason be afraid, it's just a 3d camera.

Qrphe2019d ago

It's business, there is no conspiracy in companies going after profit

T22019d ago

Ok ill bite on your assertation. But then you must also agree that a company only developing policies for profit has zero interest in protecting or promoting consumer interest , values, safety , or well being. And there are indeed ethical companies out there but I highly doubt Microsoft is one of them

ExDexteraDomini2019d ago

I understand how others may be bothered that they can't freely sell/trade/borrow games for the One in some situations, but seeing as I don't do those things with the games I have now, that factor doesn't bother me. Concerning the Kinect policies and the "loss of privacy", they don't even phase me. So what if they could possibly watch me sleep or monitor me? I'm not doing anything that no one should see! Let the world watch me all day long for I care, the only things one should really consider private are the thoughts in their heads!

Thing is, its not a surveillance machine anyway, its a gaming system. The One is a very risky, yet also courageous step into the future. Microsoft sees the world growing more connected and sees the growing availability of internet access, so they act on it by making a system which capitalizes on all the things made possible by being connected.

In my opinion, it seems the Microsoft has taken risks for the sake of innovation and the notion of providing a much deeper and unique gaming experience. The PS4 is an innovation surely, but in a much more predictable fashion, as it was made much more powerful than the PS3 and has all kinds of added features that don't venture too far from what we consider game consoles are supposed to and should do. If I wanted most of the things the PS4 offers, I would buy a PC, but I want something different that gives me new experiences and functions that you can't yet find provided so simply by one system.

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