E3 2013: What to Expect from Microsoft

Microsoft will take to the E3 stage on Monday: Talkingship tells what to expect, ranging from new IPs to a new Xbox Live. Oh, and television, of course.

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LackTrue4K1863d ago

"Something about how much Activision & Microsoft is hyping their "next-gen" capabilities is..

justastranger101863d ago

The Xbox One will have many awesome core titles and well as incredible casual titles for the mainstream to enjoy. Xbox also has the backing of one the greatest tech companies on this planet in MS.

SpinalRemains1863d ago

Hey Mods.

This guy, Stranger is a shill. He joined 2 days ago and appears in many articles sounding exactly like a MS employee.

I'm on to you buddy. You're a sellout and the worst thing for videogames.

Monolith1863d ago

Good thing the Xbox one isn't out yet or microsucks would be charging you to watch their own conference.

Thomper1863d ago

I am very excited about E3. Can't wait to see what the next gen has in store!!

Yes people, that includes XB1 and PS4. Real gamers don't care about which machine does it, as long as we get to play it!!!!

SpinalRemains1863d ago

You're wrong.

Real gamers care more about the direction of the industry and our consumer rights, along with the status quo of what buying a game means.

Wake up, man.

Thomper1858d ago

Lighten up dude. This isn't a Greenpeace forum

Commandar_Shepard1863d ago

Judging by leaks and rumors: (Exclusives)

Crackdown 3
Killer Instinct 3
Mirror's Edge 2
Dead Rising 3
Black Tusk New IP
Kinect Sports 3
Maybe another Halo title (not Halo 5)

IBleedXbox1863d ago Show
Count1863d ago

That's a pretty disappointing list.

Commandar_Shepard1863d ago

It's not the full list, just what I know. We may (hopefully not) see megatons like Fallout 4 being announced as exclusive to Xbone.

Foxgod1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Thats a pretty good list, but some of them are heavily rumored.
But you can add forza, quantum break, and lionheads title to that list, as well as playgrounds rumored Project gotham.

Commandar_Shepard1863d ago

I forgot, according to some sources on GAF, Insomniac is developing an Xbone Exclusive.

Thomper1863d ago

Titanfall sounds awesome!

opinska1863d ago

Moron? Dead rising 3 is not exclusive to the shitbox

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urwifeminder1863d ago

A box full of entertainment fun games great social aspects it will be good to dissect the trailers,plus our baby is due in a week its going to be a big month.

GodGinrai1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Their presentation decides whether I actually buy an XBone. that is all i have to say. PS4 is a sure thing at this point but XBone confuses the shit out of me at this point..which sucks because I want forza, halo, respwans new game etc.

Edit: aslong as they can show that they got us covered for the kinds of games we want (meaning less "wreckateers" and more core games) ill buy it. Im not bothered about used games or always online. I tend to buy new, and im always connected anyway.

Thomper1863d ago

Same here Kid! Though I have pre-ordered both already!

GodGinrai1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

lol, yeah..I cant lie..all I care about is GAMES! kudos! decided which one your going to get first?

I want to get which ever launches first, first, then get the other just intime for Xmas. Then im locking myself in my little game room (its just a converted box room)lol!

by xmas i should have:

KZ:shadow fall
Forza 5
The witness
sonic: lost worlds
COD ( just to play with freinds and family as everybody and their cat buys COD)
and probably a few smaller downloadable games.

Its a great year for games.

Monolith1863d ago

Hey thomper,. You gonna keep telling everybody the same thing in every one cares that you pre ordered both. Your like a broken record. By the way,
I'm a gamer and I'm not supporting microsofts all seeing all hearing new world order console. Sorry your not selling it very well.

GodGinrai1863d ago

@monolith.. chillax guy! he wasnt trying to "sell" you anything.

Thomper1858d ago

He's following me. I should be flattered, but I'm frightened!!

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