Feedbackula: The Last of Us Rageapalooza

It's safe to say Tom McShea's review of The Last of Us has stirred up a bit of controversy. Johnny goes to investigate.

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iMaim2016d ago

What's the whole point of this Feedbackula? To make fun of the commenters that disagree with their review? That's pretty immature; a new low for them in fact.

coolbeans2016d ago

If you hear any of the comments they cherry pick, you know those posters are stating more than their disagreement with the review. It's essentially the perfect opportunity to display just how stupid and angry the internet can be over review scores (typically), as if they hold an emotional stake with a franchise or company.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2016d ago

Thats what I like about feebackula.

Omar912015d ago

This comment would be perfect for Feedbackula lmao

Walker2016d ago

I hate gamespot and tom mcshea

InTheLab2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Gamespot, who? Oh...the people that a guy for this...

And they have a problem with someone questioning their opinion?