The PS2 Just Won't Die: What it Means for the Industry

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Sony's six-year-old PS2 just won't die off?

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eagle213715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

This is the reason why you will never beat Sony. What a weird concept, Sony will support a system for more than 4 years with great software and eventually make it cheap. Who would have thunk it?

MURKERR3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

lets hope that sony realises that the market is there to be taken with the many ps2 (100mil+)owners sitting on the fence and lower the price of the ps3 not drastically but by maybe £50 so consumers can make that natural upgrade

ps2 owners trust sony due to the many years of enjoyment theyve had frpom the ps2 which is why they havnt made the leap to 360,but may do so if prices dont fall considering the upturn in 360 sales since their reduction

but im sure gt,gta4 and mgs4 will be a nudge for many to make the leap of faith.

games4fun3715d ago

the wii came onto the market with no next gen graphics pretty much telling sony they can use the ps2 to compete because they are fighting for the same demographic (cheap casuals)

Tarmgar3715d ago

It's been out for 7 years and they still support it. See what happens when you don't ditch early on your creation. It still lives on.

BrianC62343715d ago

The PS2 is just entering it's midlife. It has years left to live. I think it's the perfect gaming console for kids now. When it came out it was way too much money for young kids. And games all cost too much. Now the PS2 is cheap and games are dirt cheap. Now it can be sold to parents for young kids. Even the Wii is too expensive for young kids to play with.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33715d ago

And they said my Baby;)PS2 would be in '3rd Place'! ;-D
PlayStation Brand Means Quality!;)

Genesis53715d ago

I love my PS3 but I still play my PS2. I have it hooked up in the bedroom. I still have a backlog of games to play. You can pick up games dirt cheap now from bargin bins and video stores. Good ones too. I've probably will still get a few more years out of it.

Richdad3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

None of friends and me played xbox we all played PS2 and we all already switched to 360, and I didnt played my PS2 from last 6 months.
Although software coming now are OK I mean all game should look like RE4 now and they dont. HEck they look like average looking games from 2005 and 2006 except GOW2 and Rouge Galaxy.

But any ways thats a great platform for indie devs. Thank Sony for marketing but thank more to the 3rd party Devs who are supporting it and also thanks goes to those people who buy PS2 games. And as long as people buy it, it will go on time doesnt matter just think how NEs lived it lived since games where purchased it.

Also I would say the main reason most my friends abandon PS2 was that its graphics where always less in all multi platform games, except few games most of the games didn't looked superb they where decent but there was no breakthrough in graphics after 2003. Only GOW and GOW2 and RE4 but I see the same type of disappointment in graphics in all PS2 games as I felt in Halo3. I mean they lacked the grpahics they always touted to have.

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Tempist3715d ago

It's a good over-all unit. It shouldn't just disappear into obscurity like systems such as The Game Cube or the XBox. It has a legacy lined up for it like the Dreamcast.

The Wood3715d ago

on a serious note its a reason to commend Sony. Whether its hurting their ps3 sales or not they continue to support it. Its a cultural thing. Respect your elders so to speak

The Closing3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Actually the ps2 is 8 years old. Where do the people who write these things get their info?

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