Konami has filed a trademark for 'Contra Run and Gun'


Is something in the works for the Contra series? We know the original title just hit the App store in revamped form, but Konami has also filed a trademark for Contra Run and Gun. Looks like Konami might not be done with the brand just yet!

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Kamikaze1352013d ago

I bet it will be an iOS/Android games.

Nuggie2013d ago

It'll probably be a disappointing endless runner.

Chrono2012d ago

I think it is. A few months ago, Konami remade the first Contra game for iOS, but it was only released in China.

Kamikaze1352012d ago

It recently came out in the US

Firan2013d ago

Would be awesome to get a new Contra but I doubt it.

dedicatedtogamers2013d ago

Contra 4 on DS was amazing. I hope they at least put this new one on XBL/PSN/eShop for people do download it. Please don't be a smartphone game.

darthv722013d ago

contra rebirth is a great throwback to the 16bit days on wiiware.

dedicatedtogamers2013d ago

Thanks man! I've never tried it but I'll give it a look.

BlackWolf2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Judging by the name, it could be a rail shooter. I'm not sure this is the way I want Contra to return, but I expect the best outcome (I love rail shooters, btw). I just hope is not smartphone game...

kirbyu2013d ago

The original is the only one anyone ever talks about.

optimus2012d ago

Funny, i tend to talk about Super Contra a heck of a lot more... "check out that mode 7!" now THAT'S hardcore.

Inception2012d ago

I had fun with Alien Wars, Contra Hardcorps, Hardcorps Uprising, and Shattered Soldier. And i saw a lot of contra fans talked about those games too.

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The story is too old to be commented.