Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Bugs Not Limited to PS3

Apparently, the bugs that gamers have been experiencing with the PS3 version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 are not confined to just the PS3 version. Many gamers have reported that they were unable to connect to servers, the game would freeze and require a restart, and many reports of connections being dropped caused Ubisoft to look into the issues.

Now, Xbox 360 users have noticed some issues with their version as well. Some of the bugs and glitches reported mostly occur when gamers try to carry data over from the original RSV which causes a gamerscore glitch, but issues regarding start-tracking have also been confirmed.

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sonarus3765d ago

shhh don't tell anyone.

wulan3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

this one wont make a dent anyway

europeans are waiting for GT5

americans are waiting for GTA4

i dont think any ps3/x360 owner is that excited for this game especially considering the fact that the game has got some mediocre reviews and hasnt exactly improved over its previous version

Bleucrunch3765d ago

Sonarus that was funny LOL. Its obvious that Ubisoft rushed the game and we got the shaft now because we have to wait for a patch. This is down right criminal.

athlon7703765d ago

the infamous repeating gunfire sound that happened on the original RB6 is also / still happening on this new version. Must be a Unreal Engine issue.

TriggerHappy3765d ago

Damn, that sucks. Hope they release a patch soon.

decapitator3765d ago

Faith in UBI to deliver flawless games is slowly declining. Make me a believer again UBI, I want to believe.

fenderputty3765d ago

The early parts of this generation have my doubting devs that I had previously not doubted.

Massacre3765d ago

Ubi needs to fix their sh!t. Period.

mighty_douche3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Why do games that could clearly of benefited from a beta never release one?

If your obviously to lazy to do your own testing, let US do it for you!

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The story is too old to be commented.