6 things Sony can do to win E3

With arguably the most important E3 in recent history upon us what can Sony do to keep their mindshare? Is there ever really a victor of E3? We get great memes, facepalms, and mind blowing megatons every E3, but I suspect this E3 will be more explosive than most.

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Speed-Racer2013d ago

DRM is such a touchy issue. I'm sure it could work once it's done right but there are so few rare examples of that. Really one of the biggest problems I have on Steam for example because of the constant need to authenticate. Hopefully they have something better to offer.

GribbleGrunger2013d ago

To be honest, as it stands at the moment, Sony only has to do ONE thing: Turn up.

Black-Helghast2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

They do have to turn up but the facts they mention in the article make a lot of sense. If Sony does all of those 6 things right, Next Gen is theirs. No doubt about it. I personally don't care because Sony has never disappointed since PS1 and I trust in them. But if they want for PS4 to win Next Gen, they should follow these 6 steps.

Boody-Bandit2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Sony doesn't have to do anything to win E3. They won the entire next generation as of 12:01pm EST May 21st 2013.

MS handed them the next generation on a silver platter. All Sony has to do is say thank you, it wasn't necessary cause we would've smacked dat @zz anyway, but thanks none the less.

Next generation will be the 1st generation that I will only own 1 console. That console is the PS4.

fermcr2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Sony just has to remove DRM (no used games crap) from the PS4, and prohibit anybody from using it... automatic win.

PSVita2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

That'd be awesome BUT if a publisher decides that's what they wanted to do for the game they spent probably millions and years making, I think that's fair.

fermcr2013d ago

"That'd be awesome BUT if a publisher decides that's what they wanted to do for the game they spent probably millions and years making, I think that's fair."

No, it's illegal. I can do the hell i want with a game i purchased. Unfortunately the Americans don't have the balls to forbid this DRM... let's just hope the European Union has the balls to prohibit the sales of consoles that have this DRM.

Pug2012d ago

Agreed, even if a publisher did implement something how's that gonna sell in reality? It's already been a flop with online passes hence EA dropping it.

If EA for example bound my copy of Madden to my PS4 all I'd simply do is not buy any of the next iterations because lets be honest there are no great revolutions in games like Fifa or Madden and where on the PS3 I've bought Madden 12 and then traded it in to get Madden 13 you know what I'm gonna do if EA or anyone else did DRM I simply won't buy the next version and so its a lose lose situation.

Your also right regarding the EU they've already started clamping down on some of this:

MS might get away with this in the US but there'll get rinsed in the rest of the world so good luck with that MS.

PSVita2012d ago

@fermcr- it's not illegal at all. You own the disk and license to play the data(game) on it. Think about it, if you owed the actually data it would be legal to reproduce and sell or torrent as many as you like but it's not. It's clearly explained in the terms of conditions of every movie, game, CD etc. you buy. I'm not defend DRMs but I do understand them at least.

The Xbox ones 24 Hr. check in or die policy is stupid but then again no ones forcing me to buy it.

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Welcome2Die2013d ago

If by touchy you mean dont touch it and dont effin do it, then yes.

Tee7soo2013d ago

DRM is the future of gaming people need to get used to it.

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Snookies122013d ago

All they have to do is show Versus XIII... That'll win it for them lol.

Adexus2013d ago

A re-announcement of Getaway 3 would be awesome.

brandonw002013d ago

That would be incredible!

dragonyght2013d ago

6 things Sony can do to win E3

1. show up
2. show the PS4
3. Show the OS and services
4. Show the Games lots of it
5. announce the release date
6. "Bam!!" drop the mic and walk out

6 step to a Guaranty Win

Rusty5152013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Don't forget the low price...

Lord_Frieza2013d ago

like goku said:

"this is to go even further beyond"

Saints942013d ago

You're quoting someone who beat the crap out of you several times?

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