EA Management Actually Cares About Our Gaming Experience

Paul Munn of, recently received a customer satisfaction survey about the latest Simpsons game that came out last year. While this is not a new tactic for a company to use, the questions asked seem to show that EA is taking a renewed interest in what gamers actually think about their products. It is a small step, but an interesting turn for a company that most gamers have come to loathe.

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Capt CHAOS3651d ago

The fact remains that for them it's money first, everything else second.

There are plenty of others out there who treat their game like a piece of art, a creation that they can be proud off..

The fact that they are getting a survey done just points to a bit of fear about lost revenues..

Genesis53651d ago

Yes I could tell how much they cared when I played my copy of the Orange box PS3 port.

BeaArthur3650d ago

Genesis5...I could tell how much they cared when they delayed Army of Two for a year and it still released as a giant pile of crap.

They are probably only concerned because of those rumors that they might want to get involved in the console wars.

Yi-Long3650d ago

... not about the quality and/or diversity of the games they put out, and how they support it.

meepmoopmeep3650d ago

they should take note from developers who produce games with passion. maybe they'll learn a thing or two about what really makes great games.

Ares843650d ago

Joke of the year!!!

Only thing they care about is $$$$$$$$$

Monchichi0253650d ago

One thing all fanboys agree on.....EA SUCKS!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.