E3 2013: God of War Developers Tease “E3 Craziness”

DualShockers: We already knew that Sony Santa Monica Studio is going to bring something to E3 in the form of new content for God of War: Ascension, but is it really all they have in store?

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Rusty5151895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

God of war vita teaser and new IP for ps4?

kratos_TheGoat1895d ago

god of war 4 plus kratos epic ftw

abzdine1895d ago

we still dont know what happens after GOW3. Makes a lot of sense to me that Asmussen is the director of the new one since de directed GOW3 and he knows how to go on with the story.
Whatever they announce, i'll be watching!

Greatness awaits

kratos_TheGoat1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

god of war 4 with kratos is day 1 for me ssm make that happen

fr0sty1895d ago

Those don't appear to be dual shock 4 controllers they are holding, I can't see the light bar anywhere.

1895d ago
Thatguy-3101895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

"soothe your senses" O.o? Psyched to see what new ideas they bring to the ps4. 2 more days!

firelogic1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I hope it's a new IP. They just released GoW Ascension which was pretty mediocre. I don't think gamers want to see them go on stage and show another god of war game already. At least I don't.

e-p-ayeaH1895d ago

agree we need a new IP but god of war ascension is an awesome game.

kratos_TheGoat1895d ago ShowReplies(1)
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1895d ago

Of course Ascension is going to be mediocre. It's a prequel. God of War 4 is what people would want to have announced.

M-M1895d ago

God of War Ascension is far from mediocre, but I do like God Of War 3 better.

Salooh1895d ago

I think they already teased something with a God of war hash tag . So there is a big chance it's related to it. Nothing is impossible. Let's just wait less then 2 days and we all gonna know . No need to expect anything and get disappointed :P ..

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Rhezin1895d ago

Meh if it's not Ascension SINGLE PLAYER DLC or a new God of War game, then I DO NOT CARE. I never played the multiplayer and probably never will, it doesn't belong.

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