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When Xbox One Spits In Your Face, Don’t Call It Rain

"We’ve all tried to look at things from Microsoft’s perspective, but ultimately they’re pandering to failing publishers who would rather shift the blame onto customers instead of changing their problematic business models. What I find truly distressing, though, is when some are comfortable with their rights as consumers to be stripped." - Joe Garcia (Xbox One)

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Kingthrash360  +   850d ago | Well said
I agree with the article

why is it that customers trading in games are to blame for the failure of the devs/pubs? that customers bought your game and can do anything he wants with it.

example ...I buy a car...use it then sell it to my friend...should I take some of the money and give it to Toyota?

or im in a restaurant I buy a shrimp sandwich with lemons and pepper...I only eat half...take it home and give the rest to a friend...if my friend doesnt like it he should be able to give it back to me or to his dog or whatever...

my point why is it only jn the gaming industry that when people buy a game it seems devs/pubs think its a sin to resale it or lend it or microwave it? I mean I BOUGHT it meaning its mine meaning I can do what ever the &$@# I dam well please with it....

besides if anything they should lower the cost of games so people who do go and buy used will buy new because its now in thier price range...but dont go and try to tell me what to do with what I own because ill just give you the finger and not buy your products.
dollison27  +   849d ago
Agree totally...I can understand online passes like Sony was doing with a lot of their games, but Microsofts stance I just won't tolerate. If anything thing they should make the second hand sellers like Gamestop give the publishers a cut on their end.
Bzone24  +   849d ago
You understand Sony's online passes because its Sony you won't tolerate microsoft's stance because its Microsoft. Simple as that.
pimpschitz  +   849d ago
@ Dollison27

I agree. It is the fact if publishers instilled the possibility of saying "online pass" and making a few bucks for something that's one thing, when XB says "DRM on games, can't trade games," then I can't support that. I like the idea of digital games, and I agree with Dollison27 about Gamestop giving cuts to publishers. . . which is something I believe they should have done in the first place because it gives credit where credit is due, per sale, used or not.


Potato/PO-TOT-TOE. To each their own. I am in support of free internet connection for PS, and I don't like how XB charges me for online. That's why I don't like XB, even though I own a 360 and not a PS3. If PS comes out and says "bad news gang, we're DRM also" it's going to make things complicated, people are going to figure which one works best for them and go from there.

There are a lot of things about XB I don't like at this time, and PRE-E3, I am probably getting a PS4, although they might change my mind. However, I am most likely going with them anyway, because not everyone has stable internet, XB did a good job of screwing the market, and PS4 has better specs anyway. Why the hell not?
kostchtchie_  +   849d ago
because they are the greediest scum on the planet, and gamers are and will be to blame if MS and there backdoor sponsors are allowed to push this on consoles, if they want to make it like PC gaming fine, but lower price of console games to PC prices

bottom line we need more developers to go it alone with there studios, publishers and shareholders are causing all this garbage with there greed, which is making developers be like them also, because they are squeezed so tight of profit
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nix  +   849d ago
my point of view exactly. i've been saying the same thing for weeks. why should games suddenly have this special conditions?

instead of devs/publishers making hue and cry about 2nd hand games, they should concentrate more on making great games. you make great games people will buy your games. they'll proudly put it in their shelves. they'll never sell them. that is what devs should be doing.

look at demon's souls. did anyone even know how the game was going to turn out. it was so amazing that the word of mouth made it one of the must have games. there are quite a few ps3 games i know i'll never trade. that's what devs should be making us do.

what's more appalling is that there are still people disagreeing with you. are people really that daft? smh.
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Nocando  +   849d ago
Because they wait around until its used, and rarely purchase it new. How is that not damaging to the pubs and devs? And please, STOP with the car analogies, it's comparing apples and oranges. Let the disagrees rain, I don't care.
Kingthrash360  +   849d ago
I wont disagree with you you opinion is valid...

that said

you said "Because they wait around until its used, and rarely purchase it new" that goes for everything that can be resold used dosent it. if people dont buy your products day one is because you didnt attract them to your product meaning your marketing wasn't strong enough or you game isn't up to par. thats why I said lower ypu price ESPECIALLY FOR DIGITAL GAMES! I mean you save money because your not processing and replicating discs. plus there is no used digital games so no problem there. why blame gamers when you can make more if you lowered prices on digital games? lol wow so simple
Magnus  +   850d ago
Used games help out I trade my game in the credits go towards a new title I am interested in. Developers are getting greedy is what it is. They made the cash when I bought the game they also made the cash when I bought the DLC they also made the cash when I bought a passcode to play the used game online. Quickly slapping something together and calling it a game is not going to help either. I own the title that I bought I own the machine it plays on I can do whatever I want with the game. Games run their course unless they have a high replay value then most of the time they will go up for sale or traded in. I know one thing all the tree hugging hippies will be pissed when a bunch of game discs end up in the local dumps because they are not worth the plastic their coded on. I think gaming is going down the tubes because everybody is greedy. I think my older consoles will see more action now than ever those were gaming days.
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kostchtchie_  +   849d ago
exactly lots of people are like you, selling used games generates cash that is used to purchase new games, all these pricks want is a cut of that re sell, its pathetic
GreenRanger  +   849d ago
Trading used games and loaning games to friends is part of gaming culture, whether the devs like it or not.
MysticStrummer  +   849d ago
Culture and big business seldom see eye to eye.

Once gaming hit the big time as an industry, big business naturally started trying to find ways to make even more money, because no amount of money is ever enough.

As a group, gamers have allowed things like rental fees to play a game you already bought online, day one on disc DLC, and online passes. As long we allow these things to happen and don't boycott the games and companies that are pushing them, those companies will find more ways to milk gamers for money.

That goes for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and any other company that tries to push the envelope and see what they can get away with.
Main_Street_Saint  +   849d ago
Right on.
Nocando  +   849d ago
My friends suck, because I never get my games back lol. I don't loan them out any more, but that's just me.
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Foxgod  +   849d ago
Great games, and a billion dollar investment in new IP´s is hardly spitting in the face.
Why o why  +   849d ago
*Sigh* deflect much. What about lending games to mates or family. You express zero issues with anything other than sony fans. Another sleeper shill;)
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Foxgod  +   849d ago
I dont care about lending, i buy my own games, and so do my friends.
rainslacker  +   849d ago
So it's gone from 1 billion spent on games in general, to 1 billion spent on exclusives, to 1 billion spent on new IP's alone?

So basically what you're saying is you can easily spin numbers to make something look more appealing? it's really hard to take people such as yourself seriously when you can't even quote the good facts accurately that your own preferred console provider puts out.
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urwifeminder  +   849d ago
Want some more of that chubby rain then careful you guys don't miss the last of us launch with all the hard trollin hours you are putting in,jokes aside love to attention the xbox brand is getting on this site kudos.
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rextraordinaire  +   849d ago
About that used game 'problem', here's my opinion:

Being a first gen gamer, I can say that many developers survived in huge parts THANKS to used games.

First Final Fantasy game I ever got, the original Final Fantasy, my dad bought it for 5$ in a pawn shop. Got hooked since then, and been buying most of them Day One, for the full price. Same thing for many games. I buy one used, and if I like it, chances are huge that I'll be interested in that developer's next releases, enough to pre-order their games and pay the full price.

And yes, Demos exist, but it's really not the same. I can judge a game by the whole package: Cover Art, Booklet, Completion Time, Secrets, Ending. Or at least with a rental for a week-end, which I believe Xbox One will not allow, at least not for a decent price if the store needs to purchase extra licenses. I can't have a proper idea of the value with a timed 50 minutes of gaming.

And also, what's the problem with sharing one's entertainment? People share books, dvds, table-top games, clothes... Why should it be different for video games? These are toys first and foremost, and toys are meant for sharing. Isn't that what every parent tells a child?
Saleem101  +   849d ago
My Xbox live account has been canceled... Will you fight for gaming?
Nocando  +   849d ago
I just renewed mine, and plan on renewing it again. How is that for spitting in N4G's face?
Confickercrash  +   849d ago
What baffles me is that while Microsoft is doing all of this anti-consumer garbage, there are still people that DEFEND them. Microsoft showed up out of nowhere with this stupid used game policy, leading up to the console's announcement, they never made it clear to us how the industry negatively affects ANYONE, let alone themselves, in the first place. There was no kind of investigation made by MS to make people "understand" the effects, so some people are beginning to realise that they are doing this all to squeeze our wallets empty. I find nothing wrong with bashing this MS console, because this time, it deserves every bit of it.
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ARESWARLORD  +   849d ago
XBOX 1 was great loved that shit back in the day, XBOX One will be DOA greedy bastards
mydyingparadiselost  +   849d ago
I wonder if the system itself can be sold used or if it has the same limitations as the used games? Too bad M$ cancelled question taking at E3 otherwise we would find out.
rextraordinaire  +   849d ago
Nah, it's instant-red-ring if you unplug it.

Kidding aside, that's a good question. How many users will be allowed to have their full account on the same console? Will it be possible to delete such accounts? If yes, how many times can a Xbox One be rebooted? Do you need to activate your console online or will you be able to create offline accounts (hmmm, probably not, eh?)

I fear my answer, I don't believe they will give more freedom to the used consoles market than they will to the used games one.
rainslacker  +   849d ago
MS makes money off games and services. I doubt they care much about you reselling your console or passing it along. If you aren't interested in paying for games or services for it anymore, then they'd likely rather have it in the hands of someone who will.

Although, it is an interesting question. Since realistically, if someone has one in their possession they are much more likely to pay for games and services at some point.

Quite a conundrum. Probably worth some website asking that question. If they say yes you can, then no big deal, score 1 for MS. If they say no, or that they haven't decided on a policy yet, we can watch all hell break loose again.
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quenomamen  +   849d ago
No if youre an Xbot you call it holy water and ask for more.
Talamak  +   849d ago
I too wonder how M$ will handle used xbox Juan consoles....
DigitalRaptor  +   849d ago
People of N4G. Whatever your allegiances or preferred console or games, what Microsoft is trying to do with the Xbox One is remove your consumer rights, take control of the industry, and hope no-one puts up a fight against it. The damage it will cause to the industry and the power it will give companies who want to try and sell their PHYSICAL products more than once (as if they are new) will be devastating and destroy our culture as gamers and rights as consumers.


Sign this petition and make noise to put a stop to Microsoft's plans of industry monopolization and control. They are the most filthy, money-grubbing corporation this industry has ever invited and the fact that they think they have the right to do this to their customers proves that they deserve no place in this industry and have no respect for the people that support them.

And you Xbox loyalist fans defending them or trying to alleviate the damage that MS brought about all by themselves, you are simply mindless and you cannot comprehend the larger scale problems this will cause for the future of this industry. Even when great games are revealed for the console in 2 days, these important and relevant issues will still be here. The American media machine might brush over anti-consumer policies in favour of a focus on games, but don't expect the rest of the world, particularly the people it affect the most, to be so forgiving or so forgetting.

Fight for your right to game offline.
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IllumMaster  +   849d ago
What's going to happen to the games rental business?

Will rental copies of games have software that exempts them from being linked with any user accounts/consoles? What Microsoft are basically saying is that I'm not allowed to try before I buy.

Basically, I buy it and whether I like the game or not, that's it, I'm pretty much stuck with it because retailers aren't going to be offering the same types of trade-in deals for used games anymore.

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