GT6 Producer Taku Imasaki Talks Evolution Of Gran Turismo Franchise - Gamerhubtv

Sony Producer Taku Imasaki explores what's new in the PS3 version of GT6 in this exclusive interview.

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awkwardhamster2012d ago

Looking forward to it. I want to wear a jump suit while I play the game too.

showtimefolks2011d ago

what's really gonna surprise people about this game is the fact now PD team is a lot more familiar with PS3 tech, that's why Gt6 isn't taking 5 years to develop

this game IMO will be extremely polished, and the content will be much better.

I hope they looked at Forza's online and try to implement more Community Features

other than that its a day one buy and i fully expect GT6 to be the highest selling GT game of all time, when considering its a very strong series sales/fanbase wise in europe and the fact PS3's install base has grown a lot since last GT game

creHEARTive2012d ago

classic racing franchise.

gamerlive2011d ago

GT6 looks amazing but I want to see what Kaz can do with PS4.

boybato2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Love GT, love my Vita. Hopefully they could make an Vita App for it wherein you could customize cars in your garage (given the loadtimes) using the Vita ...kinda like w/ this game:

Larry L2011d ago

There probably will be a car tuning app for Vita.

A little hidden gem in this video, is this guy [retty much confirmed the old Bathurst info leak for a year or more ago. I think it was Bathurst, where someone saw the data gatherer for PD and asked what he was doing, and the guy just straight out answered "getting pictures of the track for Gran Turismo 6".

Whatever track that rumor was though, it's confirmed here.

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The story is too old to be commented.