Nintendo Recommends Buying Digital Version Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf


All Nintendo-published Nintendo 3DS games are available in the Nintendo eShop. This means that Nintendo 3DS users have three options to buy select games. They can purchase a physical copy at retail, a digital copy from the Nintendo eShop, or they can just buy both! If you’re wondering which version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf you should get, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recommends buying the digital version of the game, which launches in the Nintendo eShop at midnight.

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MontyQ2014d ago

that way there is no trade in value and you cant sell it on ebay ect lol

Abriael2014d ago

Animal crossing isn't exactly the kind of game you resell (if you have a decent taste in games).

kirbyu2014d ago

Unless a new one comes out so the old one seems outdated and lame now.

ShaunCameron2014d ago

And since Nintendo is the platform-owner and publisher of AC:NF, virtually all the revenue goes to them. And the can set the price to however they see fit.

Knushwood Butt2014d ago

Yeah, plus Nintendo get a higher margin on the digital version.

Nice one Iwata!

kirbyu2014d ago

That's why I never buy retail games digitally. That, and I like adding the box to my collection.

evercast2014d ago

This is exactly why I am buying the digital copy. I will end up selling it and then regret it later. This keep me from doing so!

beakeroo12014d ago

I have it as my free game from the so many games promo, otherwise I would have bought retail.

Xof2014d ago

And if you're 3DS breaks, you'll have to buy the game again. So even more money for Nintendo!

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RockmanII72014d ago

I only buy digital if there is a financial incentive to do so. If the retail version was $40 and the eShop version was $35 I think the digital version would get a lot more sales.

Summons752014d ago

"Animal Crossing is a game that I hope people will play throughout the whole year. But we want people to play other games too. So something I would recommend is the digital download version. I think a title like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which you can play throughout the year, is ideally suited to this format."

Honestly I have to agree with them. I hate buying digital games that are in retail but with this I was actually considering getting it digital just so I could play it whenever and not have to constantly switch games out if I want to play something else.

Comes out tomorrow and I still haven't decided....the negative is waiting for the download, which will be long and boring =/

--Onilink--2014d ago

True, this type of game, like harvest moon is best when you have it available anytime, and not having to worry about cart swapping. I would like for digital prices to be lower but i guess that wont happen anytime soon

STK0262014d ago

Buying it on the eShop tonight, while a lowered price would have been nice, the fact that I don't have to go to a shop at midnight (is there even a midnight launch around my area?) and that I won't have to carry multiple game carts in the future is enough for me.

While I understand why a lot of people like physical media, when it comes to my Vita and my 3DS, I pretty much go digital only; I used to buy physical copies, but carrying game carts grew old, and truth be told, I have barely played Harvest Moon new beginning, Gravity rush, Tales of the abyss and other games simply because I didn't have access to them when I felt like playing them.