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Infinity Ward, 3 Years Later: A Call of Duty Comeback With a Caveat

Kotaku: "The trailer for the next Call of Duty, November's Call of Duty: Ghosts, makes it all seem so pleasantly straightforward. New Call of Duty. From the people who made the one that made this series a phenomenon. Not quite.

But not completely wrong, either." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

venom06  +   696d ago
what was this GARBAGE that IGN showed today??? 20sec of swimming??? and no shooting at all?? seriously?? if that had been BF, the CoD fanboy reviewers @ IGN, KOTAKU would have CRUCIFIED it.... disgusting CoD fanboy site.... c'mon IW... you can do better than that...
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porkChop  +   696d ago
Dude. They have to show off all the next gen fish.
HammadTheBeast  +   696d ago
But at the end, the fish swam in front of his face....

Not next Gen confirmed.
Blankolf  +   696d ago
Yeah dude... feel the fish all around you... that AI...
EazyC  +   696d ago
You clearly didn't notice dem fish physics clearly being showed off in all its glory.

IW calls em..."fishics".
franko  +   696d ago
Pop any previous cod and you'll see shooting. It's gonna be the same as allways...
FarCryLover182  +   696d ago
Just like the MW2 level: "S.S.D.D"
NarooN  +   696d ago
I remember back in the day right after CoD4 released. I really enjoyed the game at first, but then I got bored and didn't play it as much. I told people about how unbalanced the game was and etc., but people brushed it off. Then CoDWaW came out, and while it was also a decent game, I noticed a pattern. Then MW2... Which was the last straw for me, it was the last one I bought. I told people endlessly about how ridiculous the game was, and how the games weren't adding much new and people were eating it up. In those days, very few saw what I was getting at, and I was getting crucified by mindless fanboys all the time.

Now everyone sees just how big of a joke CoD really is. I don't even see why they hype up the single-player every year, a 4-6 hour affair at best with stories that seem like they could be written by middle-schoolers as some end-of-semester project.

It's gonna be the same thing. Same game, different skin.
CODallday  +   695d ago
It's funny how you're on EVERY cod article,yet you dislike the game so much.
NarooN  +   695d ago
I'm on hardly any of the CoD articles, stop being delusional.
samekratos  +   695d ago
fuckin noob's suck

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