Maybe We Shouldn’t Care About Used Games

Trying to be an optimist for a change, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier imagines a future where the absence of used games creates a trend toward Steam-like deals in the console space. Is he on to something, or just plain crazy?

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zerocrossing2015d ago

I wish I could be so positive, but the fact is Steam allows for such great deals because they have competition, the direction MS wish to take eliminates competition and gives total monopoly, they won't have to give you great deals because you'll have no where else to go to get the content you desire.

dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

I rarely buy used games (I'm not the guy buying CoD 2 months after release for $40). I buy used games when a new copy is out of print, difficult to find, or prohibitively expensive. Used games allow collectors like me to find a game long after it has left store shelves.

zerocrossing2015d ago

Exactly this, finding a gem at the bottom of a bargain bin or amongst a copy of 100 COD cases may never happen again, because you won't even know to look or the privilege may not even be there if resales are restricted or it's all gone digital distribution.

Thatlalala2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

True enough, I see both Sony and MS setting up some sort of "digital renting" like they already do with movies. Which if, it's cheap is awesome. No more waiting for Gamefly to finally send you the game you want or trolling the rental store because they dont have a copy.

dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

@ Thatlalala

I'd be happy with digital renting if it is an option...not the only method. Convince me to digitally rent games by making it convenient and affordable (like PS+, which is essentially digital renting). Don't force me to use it by making it the only option.

3-4-52015d ago

Not everybody can buy every new game for every console at the same time. It's just too much money.

* What if I don't get into playstation until 3 years from now and I buy one and want to get into some games.
I should have to pay $60 for all the games 3-4 years after their release, when 10% of them were barely worth $40 to begin with ?

I don't think so

DarthJay2015d ago

3-4-5 : where do you shop where a game that has been out for three years is still $60 brand new? People act like games don't get price dropped within 6-9 months permanently. Maybe your COD's of the world that consistently sell don't, but even COD three years later brand new is 20 bucks.

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mydyingparadiselost2015d ago

I can't even really say I support the Steam model either since it still undermines what can and cannot be done with purchsed content. Once digital starts giving me the option to sell, loan or keep a copy outside of a user account I'll be more open to it but as it stands it's still too limiting.

ShaunCameron2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

But in MS's defense, the console market doesn't have a whole lot of competition aside from Sony and Nintendo to begin with not to mention its reliance on retailers to sell their hardware and software. Besides, the console market has always been uber-monopolistic.

jc485732015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

there are those that still want that sense of "ownership." They much prefer building a library of physical copies than owning the game digitally. From a Collector's standpoint, downloading a game isn't that much convenient than stepping inside the store to pick up a copy of the game. It is definitely cheaper, but it strips off the feeling that "you got" the game on your hands or at home. IMO, having a physical form of the game is like having respect for it and you do that by providing a proper protection. Physical games is just another form of protecting and storing your games if you carefully take care of them that is. Thankfully for blue ray technology, it minimizes your disc from getting scratches overtime.

jc485732015d ago

IMO based on the link you posted, Steam is >>> xboxone

MonkeyNinja2015d ago

That's my point. The title as of writing this is "Maybe We Shouldn’t Care About Used Games" and article compares Xbone to Steam, trying to say that Microsoft is going down the same path. But Microsoft is going extremely anti-consumerist with Xbone. Just trying to get the word out.

Thatlalala2015d ago

Everyone still pirates 90% of PC games, even off Steam. Just sayin....

JohnApocalypse2015d ago

This would all work if it was all digital copies only and retail games still worked like retail games

Kingthrash3602015d ago

anything I buy I should be able to sell....period. thats how it is. I can buy a egg eat half of it and if someone want to buy the half eaten egg I could sell it. so unless I hace a contract telling me not to sell its within my rights to do so.
also who the [email protected]& # are they to sell me somethin and THEN think they charge me to sell it or tell me I cant sell it is some bs.

Bigpappy2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

M$ said their policy allows for you to sell or transfer your license once per game. You can sell your Digital games. You can share your games. Your family can play your games on any X1. M$ will not make any money on license transfers. Your info is wrong. Read what M$ said before you follow the crowd.

Seriously, you have the wrong info.

porkChop2015d ago

You can only sell a game to someone who has been on your friends list for more than 30 days. Then they will not be able to sell the game, ever. And you can only sell your disc based games. You cannot sell your digital games.

002015d ago

I can sell it but only how they say I can

does that not sound ridiculous to anybody else.

Bzone242015d ago

I know a lot of informed people aren't too happy about what Microsoft is doing but it seems like most of the people the most outraged are either misinformed or have no reading comprehension. There is so much false/old information floating around.

kneon2015d ago

Microsoft have only stated that Microsoft studio games won't charge a fee for used games. But other publishers are free to charge if they want to.

And if they aren't going to get a cut from used game sales then what is the point of all this DRM complicating our use of the console?

Thatlalala2015d ago

So... I've had the same 100 friends for at least 5 years now. No biggie there.

Kingthrash3602015d ago

oh im point is my freedom to do what I want with what os mine...especially something I spent my hard earned cash rules or them telling what, when, where, or how to do anything with something I own...period. if I want to microwave the thing I can because I bought it....all these people making excuses for what is happening is a fool.

Bzone242015d ago

I'm positive that there isn't a rule against you microwaving it, so you are good to go.

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MuhammadJA2015d ago

People will do anything just to save 5 bucks buying used, even if the used copy was ripped in half.

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