April Fools: EA buying GTA forum was an April Fools' joke by mods... in March

That US$ 3.4 million offer made by Electronic Arts to purchase was actually a joke. A really early April Fools' joke from the forum's own moderators.

EA has been making waves lately, what with their intentions of taking Take-Two Interactive under its umbrella made crystal clear to the industry. If they purchased the forums, they would take control of one of the most active communities for T2's popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, which is why the joke felt so believable.

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eddierivera3742d ago

noone cares man,, give it up.

decapitator3742d ago

It's not April yet stupid EA.

Exhaust3742d ago

Maybe they were making a statement about how stupid EA is by doing the joke in March... Haha Got you March Fools! Nah nah

Salvadore3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I can imagine this:

Lord Vader3742d ago

EA = Skynet

...with bad jokes.

If they screw up Mass Effect 2, I will ban them for life.