Court Filing Details Breakdown Of Relationship Between Désilets And Ubisoft

Game Informer has obtained an unofficial translation of Patrice Désilets' court filing seeking recompense for his termination at Ubisoft's hands and the ability to secure the rights to 1666: Amsterdam. The filing details the long history between the two parties, including Désilets attempts to secure increased financial recognition and creative freedom at Ubisoft following the success of Assassin's Creed.

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majiebeast2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I want that game its set in Amsterdam during the Dutch East India Company era. Something completely different from what we have already seen so many times. So hope Patrice wins his lawsuit and finds a publisher.

Skate-AK2018d ago

Man I hope he gets his game back. It's so wrong for a publisher to use grey-areas to strip you of your creative design and intellectual property.