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TotallyGN writes: "When Naughty Dog are behind a game we have come to expect great things. The Uncharted series has taught us that this studio is one of the brightest and best in the industry today...

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TheFallenAngel2013d ago

I bet Sony is very happy with Naughty Dog right now. They are their best studio right now. Come on Santa Monica, you need to make more games.

GenericNameHere2013d ago

39/105 perfect scores for Uncharted 2 on Metacritic

30/61 perfect scores for The Last of Us on Metacritic

Dang! Almost half of the review scores are perfect!! Now let's see if it can maintain a 95%+ average as the game nears release and the rest of the reviews come in!

TheFallenAngel2013d ago

Yeah I believe they will and they might even go even higher than 96 average. I'm hoping that they get 98 by the time all the reviews are in.

ElitaStorm2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

@TheFallenAngel Thanx to polygon that wont happen, there is always someone that kills your hopes

edwineverready2013d ago

so polygon is on metacritic?