AMD Radeon HD 8970 Pictured - Features Curacao XT Core With 2304 SPs

According to them, the GPU is powered by the 28nm Curacao XT core which features 2304 stream processors, 48 Raster operators and a 3 GB GDDR5 memory running along a 384-bit wide interface. The core operates at 1000 MHz or 1 GHz clock speed while the memory is configured at 6500 MHz or 6.5 GHz effective frequency. The TDP of the card is a bit higher than the Radeon HD 7970 at 250W compared to 210W.

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Pro Racer1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Still happy with my 3GB 7970 but I'll be keeping an eye out for this. Might wait for the GHz Edition of this card. Hope they bundle better games than DiRT Showdown with it next time.

jamz41963d ago

The never settle bundles have gotten pretty good, right now I think it's Bioshock Infinite, FC3 Blood Dragon and Crysis 3. Pretty good deal imo

ATi_Elite1961d ago


AMD is not releasing a new card until 2014 which will be a GDDR6 card.

SwiftArsonist1963d ago

i got a 7870 but im waiting for a 8870 with supposely offers a 40% increase in output

papashango1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

that's generally how I usually go about upgrading.

Anything 40% or more faster than what I have is when I upgrade. So have a bubble

FlyingFoxy1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Well the reveal of the GTX 780 proved that Titan is an overpriced joke of a card as i suspected from the start, the 780 is like 2-3fps behind the Titan and a lot cheaper.. though still a lot of cash.

What happened to prices of high end cards? i thought £400 for a 6800 ultra all the way back in 2004 was expensive.. now they just seem to go higher and higher, and they act as if 4K resolution gaming is possible.. pfft.. you need a high end card if you want to play the latest game full settings at 1080P to keep 60+ fps as often as possible as it is, nevermind higher.

Talk about stagnant tech.

sourav931963d ago

If the game is optimised well enough, a mid ranged graphics card can play the latest games at 1080p at 60fps.

ShinMaster1963d ago

Exactly. Most games don't really need the latest hardware.

Sy_Wolf1962d ago

To be fair the Titan is significantly better at GPU compute. But for only games its irrelevant.

1963d ago
duplissi1963d ago

Ill take a non reference version. is ugly.

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The story is too old to be commented.