'It's time for gamers to grow up'

American Chronicle writer Dave Gibson has joined the long list of writers hopping on the 'gamers are destroying the world' bandwagon, blaming lazy, television watching Americans for divorce ans out-of-wedlock births:

"A society whose grown men seem to be more interested in the latest video game, rather than the survival of their nation or even of their own family--is doomed to failure," says the angry, angry man.

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fenderputty3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )


I hate these people. It's like they never took a logic class in college. It seems like it's just one fallacy after another.

Divorce has been growing for a LONG LONG time. It has nothing to do with video games but, everything to do with a changing society. Out of wedlock children are due to ignorant people who think the "pull-out" method works. That's all about educating the ignorant.

I agree that people need to take Politics more seriously but, when more people vote for the next American Idol then the presidential election, does he really have the right to toss video games around?

Tempist3711d ago

Woah dude, calm down on the retoric there. Divorce rates really have not gone up significantly in the past like 30 years. They're reported more often, but that doesn't change the rate.

Yeah you could blame the individual, however, when there's a collective of them, it becomes meaningless to pick out individuals.

What does out of wedlock children have to do with anything? Sure, technically I was born out of wedlock, but I've become quite the well-respected, responsible person I am with the life I've grown up with.

Hell for all we know, they could just be a segment that is the 'rebel without a cause' for this era/generation.

And it is NOT reflective of all people.

fenderputty3711d ago

play video games and watch TV for out of wedlock berths and higher divorce rates. If that's not the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard of then I don't know what is ludicrous. I have no problems with children out of wedlock. As long as the child is taken care of and isn't just a welfare baby. I also don't care about people getting divorces.

Let's take a look at his logic for a second though. First he says that TV and Videgames cause these social problems then he says, "A society whose grown men seem to be more interested in the latest video game, rather than the survival of their nation or even of their own family--is doomed to failure"

He's correlating TV and video games to the fall of American Society. He's a freaking moron.

JasonXE3711d ago

the pull out method does work, whatcha talkin about?

Alymon3711d ago

You know, there are plenty of gamers that are into politics and "grown up".

Every generation, people like this crop up and find something to blame for all the world's problems.

Video games are just the next target in the ongoing "who can we blame" battle.

Nameless3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Maybe its time for writers to grow up & start writing about real events going on in the world instead of criticizing a group of people writers have no business criticizing. It works both ways writers. They are not helping any type of situation doing this type of writing

cr33ping_death3711d ago

this is [email protected] rediculous. while applying for the LAPD i was told from alot of people even some police officers that the divorce rate is high in that proffesion. even where i work now UPS most drivers have troubles with their relationships due to long hours (some work from 9 a.m to 7 or 8 p.m depending on their deliveries). i have alot of buddies on LIVE who one is married another guy is going to get married and the rest have GF'S who dont mind their playing.....because they are all responsible.

LeShin3711d ago

sigh.....what an idiot....

So I guess it was the millions of gamers that elected the mighty George Bush huh? I wonder if George "dub-ya" Bush Jr plays video games, cause I know they want to blame his stupidity on that as well!

It must be impossible for a guy to play videogames, go to work, pay the mortgage AND have a social do I do it?

Life is not brilliant, everything in the news is depressing (in the UK at the moment anyway, someone's either kidnapped, raped, murdered or kiddy-fiddled!) so playing games is just to unwind and relax

This writer needs to eat a d**k.......or pick up a control pad, whichever comes first. I had a more eloquent rebuttal in mind than that........but screw it :)

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