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Xbox One’s controversial policies may allow the PS4 to shine

Sony had its PlayStation 4 reveal event in February and came out guns blazing with the PS4 being pitched as the ultimate ‘video game machine’ that caters to developers and gamers alike. As of now the PlayStation 4 is looking like the next generation darling as Sony has kept quiet about licensing, always on, and required internet connections as well as used games. (Xbox One)

mcroddi  +   811d ago
Sony certainly has a good shot at this and a perfect setup but they may just blow it.
Speed-Racer  +   811d ago
MS announced their One policy way too early if you ask me. Sony can definitely play catch up with this.
mcroddi  +   811d ago
That's right, Sony can stay the Darling or simply let MS take the heat for the policies since they went first.
Salooh  +   811d ago
For the million time . Sony already said PS4 won't force you with DRM and no used games like X1. But it will depend on the developers. It's like this generation but we may see increase in DRM in more games and we can stop it by not supporting who put DRM. The console it self won't have this stuff..
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GamerzElite  +   811d ago
PS4's 3 Exclusive Game Reveal Trailers + 1 PS3 Exclusive Game Reveal Trailer:

Daylight - PS4 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Dying Light - PS4 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Warframe - PS4 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 http://www.youtube.com/watc...
cpayne93  +   811d ago
Let's just hope Sony doesn't follow suit with these anti consumer policies. This isn't the way I want gaming to go, so restrictive and whatnot.
ShaunCameron  +   811d ago
I hate to say it but they will since the PS4's gonna be DRM-enabled. After all, they're leaving it up to the publishers to enforce DRM, right? And the EULA allows them to do so like it allowed them to remove LinuxOS and BC from the OG Slim model PS3's.
Gildarts  +   811d ago
I'm going to laugh so hard when Sony announces their DRM policies.


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cpayne93  +   810d ago
Why would you laugh? Because it upsets a few fanboys? Really? This crap is nothing to laugh about. It sucks for everyone, and it just opens the door to make things worse.
kennyg3739  +   811d ago
We need to know what Sony policies are First. I know I will get a lot of dislikes but the fact is Sony really hasn't said anything other used games is up to the developers.
mcroddi  +   811d ago
I do agree with this but I give them the benefit of the doubt!
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   811d ago
There policy is pretty clear.No always online or online "checks' pretty much abolishes the DRM measures.

My issue was never with used games to begin with, as i don't buy used or trade in my games.My issue is my physical media, that i purchased, being forced to be digitized and held ransom unless i check in every 24hrs.

We already know PS4 won't do that and that makes me very happy.
kennyg3739  +   811d ago
@DayZ When did Sony say that?
Bigpappy  +   811d ago
X1 does not use physical disk for playing games. It is all about the license. You can play your games from any xbox1 without a disk. M$ could careless if you have 1000 illegal copies. They are useless with out the license.

Any registered family member can also play those games from anywhere, if you choose to share them. X1 is a DD console.

I think Sony has to at least have you register the game online before you play. And they must have some type of mandatory installation to support slow blue-ray.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   811d ago
@BigpappyYou can play any of your games you own, On any xbox that isn't your own, for 1 hour.Doesn't sound as impressive when you get into the fine print.

Likewise with the family member thing, you will be able to "share" these games with them.But only one of you can play the game at a time per console.
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Gildarts  +   811d ago
@Dayz its not one hour play of play dude. Its 1 hour checkin when you are at someone else's house.

So by this you admit that it's impressive.

Dude you were never going to buy the X1 anyway so why are you bothering?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   811d ago
Back in febuary.

If i never have to go online, how can they authenticate my games?
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mcroddi  +   811d ago
Looks like always on is ruled out but that isn't the same as DRM check ins...
kennyg3739  +   811d ago
there talking about a constant internet connection, not DRM check ins

@DayZ that's point i'm making, Sony hasn't addressed these issue.
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Why o why  +   811d ago
How can you drm check in if the console can operate totally offline. Show me how and ill look deeper. If not, there's no point of worrying.
JokesOnYou  +   810d ago
@DayZ, Why o Why...
"If i never have to go online, how can they authenticate my games?"

-Maybe like this:

"Games that are discovered to be tied to another user's account could potentially be rejected. The system works, according to the document, by attaching contactless RF "tags" to each game, which can be read without a network connection."

I can't say for sure if this is what sony will use but clearly they have the tech available to do it. Just giving you heads up.
brandonw00  +   811d ago
There are rumors that the DRM on Xbox One was put in place to please publishers. If that is the case, then PS4 will have the same type of DRM as Xbox One.
mcroddi  +   811d ago
Exactly, if publishers are 'ABLE TO' put DRM restrictions on used games and require a periodic authentication it will end up being the same. Unfortunately.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   811d ago
Microsoft built the console and the online check infrastructure, not the publishers.Don't be fooled just because MS is playing the blaming game and pointing fingers at the big bad publishers.

Just because MS does something doesn't mean Sony has to either.One charges it's customers to use their own internet to play online for example, while the other doesn't.
brandonw00  +   811d ago
I'm not fooled, I understand that in the end it is Microsoft's decision. But we also have to be realistic and realize that the big publishers were saying "put in these measures or we're not releasing games for your platform."
Hicken  +   810d ago
... so, Nintendo says no. Sony says no. Somehow, Microsoft is forced to say yes?

Did you forget who needs who?

If Microsoft had said no like the others(at least to forcing it to be built into the console), what would the publishers have done? Not sold their games?

Are you for real?

No, this was Microsoft's choice, and they want it to APPEAR like it was the publishers who pushed them to do it. They could well have ALLOWED it, like on PS4, so that it would be up to publishers that wanted it, and not forced on every game.

Cuz not all publishers and developers want this stuff. They're not all complaining about it. CD Projekt Red doesn't want it. None of the smaller publishers are pushing for it, like ATLUS.

No, it's only the biggest of the big that have complained. The ones with more than enough money to not even bat an eye at whatever "losses" they might be incurring from used games, anyway.

Rumors be damned. Microsoft did what they wanted to do.
lucaskeller1  +   811d ago
may?? mayy???
isyourhouseonfire  +   811d ago
Did anyone notice Sony bought almost every page in the last Game Informer magazine for its own articles? I hope this doesn't mean Sony plans to rely on marketing to make up for a low quality console. As a gamer, I'm worried.
Why o why  +   811d ago
Wut . . . You correlate sony's improved and more aggressive marketing with them having nothing or a low quality console? Has this gen or the reveal not showed you anything?

They must have something to actually show. Time will tell but if I had to make an educated guess, Sony is not relying on word of mouth to spread the word this time around. They are now doing what Microsoft was very adept at. The main difference is they'll probably have more content to match the hype as opposed to papering over to cracks.
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whoyouwit04  +   811d ago
Sony fans need to stop thinking Sony isn't going to have DRM, Microsoft says: "Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable" SO PUBLISHERS CAN ENABLE. Yet, when sony says DRM is up to publishers it's dramatically different. Both companies have their console design so developers can control DRM, but somehow Sony fans can only see it has a negative on Microsoft console but Sony is the white knight when they are doing it.
Sorraxe  +   811d ago
Xbox fans need to stop thinking Sony is going to have DRM.
whoyouwit04  +   811d ago
You really are a idiot if you think Sony isn't going to have DRM in one form or another.
Muerte2494  +   811d ago
Microsoft has come in last place this gen and the one before it. Why would Sony or Nintendo follow Microsoft's practices? Sony has stated that PS4 is not always online. Nor will ps4 force DRM with EVERY game (Xbox One). I do not support paying a publisher twice for a single copy of a game.

People like to say that Microsoft forced a broadband connection for Xbox Live when the first Xbox launched. Guess what people, Microsoft only sold 20 million of those things. PS2 didn't require it and it sold 155 million. Wii didn't even have a real online infrastructure but still outsold both ps3 and xbox360. LIVE is now considered inferior to Playstation Plus for a number of reasons. When was the last time Microsoft gave a free game a month for having LIVE GOLD?
ShaunCameron  +   811d ago
@ whoyouwit04

They tried that DRM **** in 2005 with their audio CD's only to get sued for it. I agree with you that Sony's gonna try and implement it in some form.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
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Ippiki Okami  +   811d ago
"when sony says DRM is up to publishers it's dramatically different. Both companies have their console design so developers can control DRM, but somehow Sony fans can only see it has a negative on Microsoft console but Sony is the white knight when they are doing it."




http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... :

Sony will not prohibit the usage of second-hand games purchased in physical form and there will be no requirement for the console to frequently check-in online to validate game legitimacy.

a_bro  +   811d ago
Xbox Fans are in a stage of denial right now




do yourselves a favor....Jump out...

A known insider on Neogaf stated that they were thinking about DRM, until they saw microsofts backlash, which now they've put on indefinite hold.
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azshorty2003  +   811d ago
Sony is in prime position to be next generations golden child. We will hopefully find out in 2 days what they plan on doing, and how similar or different their policies are from Microsoft.
Sorraxe  +   811d ago
@ whoyouwit04

The only idiots here is those who still believe that Sony will use DRM, its the same idiots who cant click on the many links already posted by many that tells Sony will not USE any DRM.

And you are one of them!
MRMagoo123  +   811d ago
Even IF sony puts some kind of drm on the ps4 , it cant be worse than the xbones anyway and the ps4 is the better performing system spec wise so the xbone would still lose. But i really dont think they will add anything like M$' anal probing BS. I have a feeling its all the xbone fans with all their fingers crossed hoping sony do the same sort of thing that keep up with all this "sony might use the same drm because they are not talking about it". But like i said even if they did the exact thing as M$ (which is actually impossible) the ps4 would still be the superior console and thats all that would matter.
Shoul  +   810d ago
All I can say is that this E3 is defo going to be interesting.
phillip728  +   809d ago
While not being able to loan a game to a friend is a bid deal, let us not forget that we can watch the Price is Right with voice commands...INNOVATION!

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