The Top 10 E3 2013 Announcements that Won't Happen

Hardcore Gamer: From Shenmue III to F-Zero U, we rundown the top E3 2013 announces that won't happen, but probably should.

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Omar911863d ago

these "announcements" are really far fetched ..

Stealthypengui1863d ago

Not to mention its all dumb JRPG shit.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1863d ago

All JRPG sh*t? Theres only 1 Jrpg on here and its FFVII and if u count Shenmue 3 thats 2.

_QQ_1863d ago

yeah not enough first person shooters that have the exact same gameplay.

Ausbo1863d ago

exactly. none of this is gonna happen. what a dumb article.

I can also say we won't see halo on ps4 and we wont see mario bros U on xbox one. Stupid. Just Stupid

BillytheBarbarian1863d ago

Shenmue 3 and NFL 2k14 would be the only games that would make me buy a Xbone.

thesavagelife71863d ago

Yea you love them milked FPS though clown!

shammgod1863d ago

Clicking this article was a mistake

Stealthypengui1863d ago

I hate JRGS so there for I love FPS games, people on this shite have great, bunch of insane fan boys !

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