What Are Your Hopes and Fears for the PS4, PS3, and Vita at E3 2013?

Push Square: "We’re on the home straight. The world’s gaming media is descending on Los Angeles as we type, a city that’s slowly being transformed into a haven for interactive entertainment. Posters are being erected, laptops are being charged, and publishers are transporting secretive packages containing builds of unannounced games. Somewhere, hidden inside a wooden crate, is the chassis of the PlayStation 4 that will be revealed live during Sony’s press conference on Monday night. In short, the stage is set for an exciting week – and that makes it ripe for speculation. As such, we’ve pulled together the Push Square team to talk about our hopes, fears, and expectations for the Japanese giant’s impending E3 2013 showcase."

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jujubee882014d ago

Fears: PS4 DRM. VITA get's nothing special (in terms of games). Bad pricing snafus.

Yi-Long2014d ago

... with a focus on GAMES, free online, a great service like PSN+, and pushing for new original IP's.

My fear is that they'll make the same kind of announcements MS has made.

showtimefolks2014d ago

Well no fears very excited Sony has already said you can played used games and no need for constant Internet connection

So just games

Shenmue 3 if neogaff is to be believed

Successor to demon souls from software

Please show last guardian

First gameplay footage of destiny

Santa Monica's new IP

Demo for drive club

Demo for infamous second son

Demo for knack

Hopefully insomniac doing a proper ratckate and clank game

Ready at dawn working on ps4 exclusive

FF announcement

And hopefully one or two major surprises

Also expect few new IP's

So I am very excited for E3 Sony wise

Also possibly a price cut for vita and maybe even a bundled version at launch of ps4 that comes with Vita

Show that ps3 isn't gonna die out and announce some games for 2014, Sony has a very long history of supporting heir systems long after their next console is out

So very excited not a bit worried

jc485732014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

i want to hear happy news.

Kohven2014d ago

Hopes? The only one I have is hoping all this dust will come off my damn Vita.

Shadowsteal2014d ago

I find myself having an abundance of games to play. True I want more but look:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Wipeout 2048
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Assassin's Creed: Liberations
Persona 4
Soul Sacrifice

The last two have the potential to reach 300 hours of gameplay. And for 1 and a half years after release its doing loads better than the PS3 when it first came out. At the same time PS3 just had heavenly sword and uncharted at the end of 2007. So compared to how much I yearned for ps3 games. The vita selection is keeping me quite happy.

MikeyDucati12014d ago

Don't have any. I just want to hear what they have to offer and then I will go from there. Everything else is completely unnecessary and daytime soap opera like.

izumo_lee2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Sony learned a lot from this gen that if you piss of the consumers it will take a lot of work to win back their trust.

So i do not think Sony will go the route of Microsoft in the DRM strategy. They probably have something planned that we do not know about that pleases retailers, consumers & publishers. Doesn't it make you wonder that so many titles have been announced for PS platforms? They have been in this industry pretty long so they understand the growing changes in the industry. Without the consumers there is no industry.

In the games department i feel we will see somethings that will blow us away. Games that have been MIA will make their appearances in one way or another. I hear that Sony's conference is close to 2 hrs long just like their reveal so that is plenty of time to dedicate to a lot of games for all 3 of their platforms. Next gen Sony will be the only one of the big 3 that will be supporting 3 systems (4 if you count the PSP in Japan) all at once.

The box will be revealed near the end & the internet will explode.

sherimae24132014d ago

i wholeheartedly agree with you, izumo-sensei ^_^

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