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Submitted by Lavalamp 979d ago | videocast

BioShock Infinite vs. The Last of Us

IGN: "We pit the two Game of the Year contenders against each other in a lively discussion." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

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Skarlett   979d ago | Spam
Walker  +   979d ago | Well said
The Last of Us all the way baby!
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   979d ago
Well considering that the last of us isnt out yet,and i have yet to play infinite,i cant really say,and i cant see how most people can either.
Nocando  +   979d ago
Well, they are both games, and that's about where the similarities end.
LOGICWINS  +   978d ago
You play as a dark haired white guy that is aided by a female companion in dispatching foes in some of the most gruesome ways possible.
SnotyTheRocket  +   978d ago
Well, Uhhhm Troy Baker voices both Joel and Booker... Sooooo...
Tewi-Inaba   979d ago | Bad language | show
Plagasx  +   979d ago
Come on now, they are both great games and also, they aren't very comparable...FPS to a TPS...
Virtual_Reality  +   978d ago
One is a survival action another one is action shooter to make it more clear.
Gamer1982  +   978d ago
There comparing quality of games here for GOTY contender not actual game comparison like for like.
imtheman2013  +   978d ago
These aren't the only two GoTY contenders though. Ni no Kuni was a fantastic game, and I'm sure there were others that came out this year worthy of the title.

That aside though, I will need to play The Last of Us first before I can choose my personal favorite of the two. Infinite will be tough to beat though.
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ONESHOTV2  +   978d ago
Skarlett ....... please stop talking u are making your and self look stupid talking like u play bioshock infinite just shut the hell up........

and i could back my talk because i did play the game check my steam ..sniperbsr...
coolbeans  +   978d ago
It's not very fun to play this 'GOTY deathmatch' when the general public hasn't been able to touch one of said contenders yet. :/
LOGICWINS  +   978d ago
GOTY deathmatches aren't fun period, save for the guilty pleasure of seeing the utter lunacy that always ensues. Its in these arguments that you see how closed off some are from the world around them, saying things like "Oh, GOTY is def between these two or three games" when the reality is that there are millions out there who wouldnt even consider those three supposed GOTY contenders as contenders simply because they havent played them...or dont care to play them.

Don't know why people put so much stock into these pointless debates, as if giving or not giving a game the GOTY title will persuade naysayers or dissuade fans who already have their minds made up. GOTY is fanboy ammo, no more, no less.
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coolbeans  +   978d ago
I disagree, I think it can be fun to see the debates; not because there's 'lunacy' in them but because it demands a more one-on-one approach to discussing what makes X game the best experience of the year (in their opinion).

"...saying things like 'Oh, GOTY is def between these two or three games' when the reality is that there are millions out there who wouldnt even consider those three supposed GOTY contenders as contenders simply because they havent played them...or dont care to play them."

This isn't really much of an excuse to not have these types of discussions. Those millions uninterested in these types of games are more than welcome to state their case why A-Z game can be GOTY too.

Edit: "Don't know why people put so much stock into these pointless debates, as if giving or not giving a game the GOTY title will persuade naysayers or dissuade fans who already have their minds made up. GOTY is fanboy ammo, no more, no less."

I can agree that the atmosphere surrounding these types of debates from the internet can be revolting.
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DigitalRaptor  +   978d ago
One is fantasy and the other is more realistic. Similar but hugely different, if that makes sense?

I think TLoU has done a better job at making you care for your burden, and have that relationship truly flourish over the course of the game. I think TLoU will be a more personal tale than Infinite.

But I will wait and see. It's between those two for GOTY though - unless GTA V blows my mind.
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majiebeast  +   978d ago
If Lastofus doesnt get repetitive as Bioshock:I was at the end it would make it the better game for me. When i was like 1-2hours away from the ending of Infinite, i just wanted it to be over. The combat/gameplay just isnt very well designed when you compare it to Bioshock 1 the last fight also was very lackluster. What makes Infinite such a good game is atmosphere and story not the gameplay.

I will judge both games when i get my Joel edition Thursday/Friday i cant wait.
DigitalRaptor  +   978d ago
I don't think we'll have that problem. The AI is spectacular in TLoU, more so than BioShock's. It makes each encounter dynamic and interesting and pretty terrifying, when you don't know what they'll be doing next.

Plus, from what I've heard, there is a lot of variety in this game from exploration to combat to other completely different moments. I thought it was survival action, but it has elements of puzzle, adventure, shooter, survival, stealth, horror, character drama. TLoU appears to transcend genre stereotype and is something else entirely.
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JonnyBigBoss  +   978d ago
The Last of Us is better, no doubt.
Neixus  +   978d ago
both games main point is to tell a story, both got a companion besides you all the time.
both are great games, but one of them got far superior gameplay, and that is TLoU :)

And people, stop down voting people that says tlou is better, saying it haven't realesed yet. because i, and thousands of other got it before release date
Wni0  +   978d ago
Lets see, Bioshock Infinite's gameplay is basically shooting people in the face nonstop to get to the next walk-able cutscene with Elizabeth... or the best game ever made, The Last of Us.

lets break it down objectively

Gameplay: WINNER The Last of Us
Graphics: WINNER The Last of Us
Replay Value / Multiplayer: WINNER The last of Us
Voice Acting: WINNER The Last of Us
Wooden Animations for NPC's: WINNER Bioshock Infinite

Yeah I think this is a worthy debate.
vickers500  +   978d ago
I don't think you know what the word "objectively" means.
Wni0  +   978d ago
then what does bioshock offer thats better than the last of us? pretty sure this isnt even worth discussing.
vickers500  +   978d ago
I don't know, because I haven't played The Last of Us, and if you haven't either, then you're simply a fanboy for stating that one game is better than another if you haven't even played both of them yet.

Even if I had, I would not resort to debating with someone such as yourself.

I'll simply state that every single reason you listed is completely subjective.

Gameplay is subjective.
Graphics are subjective, at least if you consider graphics to be more than simply "high res textures", as art style plays an important role in graphics.
Replay value is subjective and is dependant on the person. Many people probably don't like multiplayer, and as solid as TLoU multiplayer is, I haven't heard from any reviewers that it does anything unique.
Voice acting is subjective as well. Everyone in infinite did an excellent job.
And while there is almost no objection to the claim that TLoU has better animations than Bioshock Infinite, it can definitely be argued as to whether Infinites animations are "wooden".

On second thought, I'll give you one thing I think that Bioshock might have done better: Story.

Unless TLoU pulls something completely wild out of its hat that surprises everyone (and I'm not talking about some typical emotional death scene where a main character or someone you care about dies or something similar), then I personally don't see it surpassing Bioshock Infinites story, simply because I've seen and played a lot of post apocalyptic media.
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DigitalRaptor  +   978d ago

The Last of Us said to have one of the best openings in any game, ever. And also has one of the most endearing endings ever. This is from people who have played and reviewed both games. The in-between parts are so masterfully executed too. Read the reviews. As much as I loved and was drawn in by Infinite, it had its problems. It's still a masterpiece, but Naughty Dog seems to have tackled similar subjects in a finer and more focused manner than Irrational and Levine.

I haven't played The Last of Us in its entirety, but based on playing Infinite and reading other people's factual and opinionated analysis on TLoU, where most people come to the same conclusions, I can see it surpassing BioShock in many respects. Gameplay, and graphics are not always about opinion. Both games have different gameplay. Replay value, sure you're right there.

Voice acting. Many reviewers have stated that it's simply the best written game ever and has the best performances across the board, even from supporting actors. I love Ken Levine and his writing style, but I think Neil Druckmann has simply written a more personal, subtle and emotive screenplay.

Animations. Naughty Dog are known for their painstaking attention to detail. The Last of Us has astounding attention to detail, and its animations are sublime, and even though Elizabeth is incredibly well animated, Naughty Dog's animation goes a step beyond, and is more natural, realistic and consistent.
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vickers500  +   978d ago

I don't take much stock in reviews. I heavily disagreed when Grand Theft Auto IV got so many perfect 10's, and I disagreed with how many perfect scores Uncharted 2 got as well. To me, Uncharted 2 was just a "really good game", rather than the second coming of jesus that everyone else made it out to be. So I really don't care what reviewers have to say about it. Just because the majority believe something, doesn't automatically mean it's true.

As for gameplay, yeah it about opinions. Assuming that what I have seen from the last of us is the full extent of the gameplay (minor stealth elements with executions, melee and melee executions, aim and shoot mechanics, and crafted grenade type weapons) then I will probably still prefer Bioshock Infinite more, as I like Vigors/Plasmids more, and in some cases, I like the first person view more than the third person view.

And I probably don't disagree on whatshisname writing a more personal story than ken levine, but "more personal" doesn't mean "better". While I fully expect The Last of Us to leave me with feelings towards some of the characters that will eventually die (not spoiling anything, I don't know how it ends, but in a game like TLoU, it's pretty apparent from the start that it will happen), Bioshock Infinite left me with a sense of wonder and mystery. I guess the term would be "mindf*ck"?

I don't know, but Infinites ending was so deep and complex, and can be looked at from many different angles, while I'm going to confidently assume that TLoU will be pretty straight forward in its story context.

Voice acting, well again I don't take much stock in what critics and reviewers say. That's not to say that I know better than all of them or what they have to say is useless, it's just that their opinions and tastes do not usually align with my own, at least not to the extent at which they rate things.

And yes, as I stated, graphics are an opinion as well, because graphics aren't all about pretty textures. Something like Shadow of The Colossus or Okami still looks miles better than any Battlefield or Crysis game, aesthetically anyways. They may not be technically better, but they are more pleasing to the eye, at least to me (and I'm sure many others). And in my opinion, the sky city of Columbia is FAR more beautiful than just another variation of a destroyed American city that I've seen several times before.
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ichdich  +   978d ago
The Last Of Us is not thats good at all, even with all the 10/10 reviews. there is alot of boring parts in the game (and yes i got 10 hours into the game) got it early.
jon1234  +   978d ago
your probably playing it wrong :)
DigitalRaptor  +   978d ago
If you find negative space boring you're never going to appreciate a game like The Last of Us.
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InTheLab  +   978d ago
Bioshock Infinite is barely a good Bioshock. The characters are great. The story is great. THe gameplay is a dumbed down shooting gallery. Based on reviews, the Last of Us has a great story and characters and masters stealth and survival horror. So one game is a decent shooter and one game rivals Uncharted 2 as the best tps this gen.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   978d ago
Not same game genre at all but overall i think The Last of Us might be better, i only played Infinite on PC and dont have PS3 :[
martinezjesus1993  +   978d ago
Infinite was one hellofa game, up there with the first Bioshock. I just think the original Bioshock had the environment and the antagonist I will always remember and that's what Infinite falls short for me. The Last of Us is a day one for me, I'm already asked for the weekend off from work! I can't say which is better until I play them both.
1nsomniac  +   978d ago
I really for the love of god do not understand the fuss around Bioshock infinite. I just didn't see any stand out qualities in it at all it was incredibly generic & boring!

I genuinely believe that half the people on here haven't even played it or are just the usual dumb marketing sheep that agree with whatever there told!

The demo of The Last of US alone was a million times more interesting than Bioshock Infinate. In fact there has probably been a million games released this year alone that are better than Bioshock.... Honestly, I genuinely do not see what people see in that game at all. Every time I play it I have to force myself because I know I paid good money for it, reckon I've played it for about 5 hours in total & every time its been a struggle to fight through the boredom.
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TheDarpaChief  +   978d ago
Redboxed it and I got about 5 hours in and I have to agree. The only thing that sets it apart is the control scheme. Amazing atmosphere and themes/story though. Played last of us' demo and while I think the demo blows I know the final product will be much more engrossing
elhebbo16  +   978d ago
they both have there similarities. for starts booker and joel are both voiced by troy baker, and the story revolves around escorting a girl. but besides that they are completely different. no point on comparing them to see which is better unless your poor.
oIITSBIIo  +   978d ago
Bioshock is an amazing game waiting for TLOU I hope it is better or at least as good as Bioshock .
TheDarpaChief  +   978d ago
Well guys look on the bright side. While everyone may be arguing we at least have had an awesome year for games thus far and we are only half way done. Fitting The last of us is coming out at the middle of the year by the way. Often in stories the climax happens somewhere around the middle. Seems to be the same rule for the gaming industry this year
zeddy  +   978d ago
bioshock was amazing in terms of story, art design and music, sure the gameplay was nothing to write home about but it was still fun and you care about the characters unlike some games in which you couldnt give a crap. i would suspect tlou, infinite and gta will be right up there when it comes to game of the year.
Kran  +   978d ago
Bioshock Infinite probably doesn't even come close.

When you look at it's flaws, it's just not as good as the first one at all.

kratos_TheGoat  +   978d ago
ign did so many things to make sure both games have higher grade
unicron7  +   978d ago
Good stuff.
DEEBO  +   978d ago
i think the 1st bio was special but the new one my honest opinion was over hype. i traded it before i finished the game.i just lost interest.but the last of us has a look of something special.too bad the walking dead game wasn't made like the last of us.
KontryBoy706  +   978d ago
Last of Us already won
MakiSaad2  +   978d ago
When I get my hands on TLOU then i'll judge
shammgod  +   978d ago
the first bioshock was better than infinite....infinite was waaaayyyyyy overrated, I never understood. haven't played TLOU yet, but looking forward to it
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