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Hardcore Gamer: "I still remember being inside the LA Memorial Sports Arena when Naughty Dog came on stage to demo The Last of Us. Guiding Joel through an apartment building, room by room, spectators watched with bated breath, shocked about what they were seeing on screen. Every steel pipe hit or curb stomp triggered a collection of wincing and yelps, culminating with enough people stomping their feet and clapping that it felt like you were in the middle of a thunder storm. It was at that moment that it felt like the next generation had arrived. Not a fancy new DRM box or technology filled gizmo, but rather the next generation in video game storytelling and design."

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1nsomniac2013d ago

Only thing that concerns me about this is that the site claims to be "hardcoregamer" when everybody knows even the slightest real gamer doesn't use a 5 scale.

come one now, 1-5 is no good for anything but marking questionnaires a real gamer knows you cant use it for anything else never mind a review scale.

It's either 1-10 or 1-100% stop using silly pointless measurements that don't mean anything!

specialguest2013d ago

There's nothing wrong with a 1-5 rating system. I find the 1-10 rating system flawed in a way not because of the full scale range, but because most gamers these days consider anything lower than a 7 unplayable. In their eyes, a 1-6 is pretty much the same score. It shouldnt be that way, but it is and gaming sites are partially responsible for this mentality because they rarely use the full sore scale properly. However, a 1-5 score makes each digit(and a half) from 1-5 more general, but meaningful.

If a game gets a 3 out of a 1-5 scale, that's a good score and worth playing. If translated to the 1-10 scale, it would be a 6 which negatively changes the how the quality of the game is perceived. A 1-5 based on Gamepro magazine could easily be translated to a 1-10 scale on the example below: