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Still Playing: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

EDGE: 'How did it come to this? I’m huddled in a dark flat, the last flickers of electricity long sucked away thanks to an arthritic Solid Snake. Actually, I know exactly how I ended up here; Metal Gear Solid 4 has been on for eight straight hours while I was at work, and has frittered away the last of my top-up electricity." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

Beat that game 8 times when it first came out. Hope they bring back mgo.
Batzi  +   412d ago
Kojima Productions(LA) is doing MGO3 but I see a PW multiplayer like for GZ & TPP. I loved the coop multiplayer a lot in PW.
ArnoldSchwarzenigra  +   412d ago
It's now nearly a whole year since Metal Gear Online went offline. It's about time for it to return, it's been missed.
Lavalamp  +   412d ago
Really? Wow, it doesn't feel like that much time has gone by.
Nyxus  +   412d ago
Still may favorite game this gen.
j-blaze  +   412d ago
same here, the best most memorable experience so far :)
skydragoonity  +   412d ago
The loading times kills the fun...
goldwyncq  +   412d ago
Best gameplay next to MGS3 but the cutscenes were way too LONG. Still one of the best PS3 exclusives available.
infamousinfolite  +   412d ago
I didn't mind the cutscenes at all.
Shuyin  +   412d ago
My precious baby...
Also MGO FTWWWWW. I miss my GP :((
cpayne93  +   412d ago
The stealth parts of the game were just excellent, but they had too many action segments imo. Turret sequences and whatnot.
elhebbo16  +   412d ago
meh only reason to play is for the story. the stealth is shit and unrealistic just like in every other MGS game. dont get me wrong MGS1 is one of my fav games of all time.
zeddy  +   412d ago
mgs4 gave me my first jaw dropping moments in gaming, its so good.
PerryCaravello  +   411d ago
It was the first game I ever went back and replayed after completing it the first time.

That good, that great. It was amazing.

Only problem was the lack of trophies... and now I just don't think I'll ever get around to buying it again just for the trophies. I don't have that much time anymore.

Things change...
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