The 90's Arcade Racer screenshots, running at 60 FPS on Wii U

Take a look at some new screenshots from The 90's Arcade Racer.

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YoungPlex2016d ago

Oh man, this game brings back memories of Daytona USA and one other Sega Arcade racer; I can't quite remember he title but it had a little Sonic figurine hanging from the rear-view mirror and moved the cab when you turned. Those were the days, hanging out at the Arcades with friends and eating pizza, too bad kids don't have that luxury anymore...

theWB272016d ago

You gave me goosebumps...the joy of walking into the Arcade and hearing buttons mashed, speakers booming from games like Xmen. I remember when Daytona first came out and they had the arcade units side by with a live announcer, that's how it was done in Indy. Sigh...

LOL_WUT2016d ago

Looks horrible I guess we'll see how this game plays out and 60fps is always nice. ;)

Nevers0ft2016d ago

I realise that on N4G you like to specialise in passive-aggressive trolling but do you really think it looks horrible? I've got pretty fond memories of 90s racers and this game clearly has the aesthetic right... So long as it doesn't handle like ass, it looks like a winner to me. Maybe you're confused by games using primary colours ;)

Whymii2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )


Triforce0792016d ago

U must be clueless m8 these graphics are amazing.

Confickercrash2016d ago

It's supposed to, as the title suggests, be a throwback to the SEGA racing games of 2 decades ago.
@ YoungPlex
I believe the name of the game youre looking for is SEGA Super GT, or Sports Car Ultimate Drive (SCUD) Race in Japan.

hkgamer2016d ago

Forgot about SCUD Race, I remember that was the game that had those massive moving seats.

YoungPlex2016d ago

Oh man it sure was that game damn! I was telling a couple of friends about it and I swear they had zero clue to what I was talking about. Thanks man I never knew the name of it, time to get emulating ha ha! On another note, do you happen to remember a 2D fighting game that used to pop out of a flat surface in 3D? I believe it was only 1 color which was red, and also some sort of holographic technology as well. Man I miss the off the wall arcade scene, where games used to truly try and immerse you in the game. I miss my Dreamcast. :(

pop-voxuli2016d ago

Which 90's arcade racer is it??? For fucks sake man.....

PANTHER10302016d ago

Nintendo the console of the nostalgy, will be great to take back these memories...

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The story is too old to be commented.