IBM Says Desktops Are dead? Balls to that - 'What a Load of Utter Rubbish'

As one of its 'five predictions for the future' we wrote about earlier, IBM says the end of the desktop is nigh: "Desk phones and desktop computers will gradually disappear, replaced by mobile devices, including laptops, that take on traditional office capabilities."

What a load of utter rubbish.

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decapitator3768d ago

Another PC is dead statement. Man..

Massacre3768d ago

'Balls to that'...Thats bold...real bold.

OC Shock Value3768d ago

even tho im typing this on a laptop.. i still believe desk tops are alive and well.. this site is full of hating jabronis.. with hating jabroni stories.. ignore

richierich3768d ago

That is bullshit how on earth will the Desktop PC become obselete

Dlacy13g3768d ago

I tend to agree. I think more and more you will see companies gravitate to a laptop based model that will allow for mobility of the workplace. Desk top PC's wont die off today or tomorrow...but the are going to become harder to find in the workplace in the coming years as laptops get more powerful and cheaper to buy for companies.

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The story is too old to be commented.