Patrice Désilets Sues Ubisoft For $400,000 And Rights To Purchase 1666

Today, Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets made good on his promise to seek legal satisfaction for his termination by Ubisoft. The developer has had a long and tumultuous history with the publisher that will now re-enter the courtroom.

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NYC_Gamer1986d ago

I really hope he wins back all of his hard work

NewMonday1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

from inside talk Ubisoft never intended to further develop 1666, they bought the rights just to kill the game because he was the lead designer behind the Assassin's Creed formula and also Prins of Persia, so he can make a game with similar mechanics.

the terms of the contract was if Ubisoft don't fund the game then he has the option to buy the rights back, but Ubisoft pulled a trick and put the game on "indefinite hold".

edite: originally Ubisoft thought they would find code from the AC games in 1666 and that will give them grounds to cancel the game and sue Patrice, but apparently he rebuilt the code from the start, so they want to bury him in litigation.

Ratty1986d ago

It was a bad move on their part to fire him in the first place. Assassin's Creed isn't the same since he left.

majiebeast1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

One eyed wizard he left himself after Ubisoft started milking AC and he did not like it so he went to THQ montreal.

3-4-51985d ago

Hmmm...officially not as much of a fan of Ubisoft anymore...Kind of sad really.

They are so scared of competition that they resort to childish tactics and loop-holes.

pr0t0typeknuckles1986d ago

Especially since this is the man that heavily contributed to their success of PoP and AC,its only fair that he win.

Ratty1986d ago

It's his game and he should get the rights to it. Talk about bad luck though. He gets fired from Ubisoft, joins THQ, THQ goes bankrupt and gets bought by Ubisoft.

Shadowsteal1986d ago

God having this happen to me would've seriously depressed me. But I wish him good luck. I mean if Steve Jobs can get fired from his own company and make a comeback so can he.

Williamson1986d ago

Makes ubisoft sound kind of evil....

NYC_Gamer1986d ago

Did you really think Ubisoft was any different from EA or Activision?

Williamson1986d ago

Good point.....I was naive to not notice earlier.

HammadTheBeast1986d ago

They make better games lol.

dedicatedtogamers1986d ago

THIS makes Ubisoft sound kind of evil?

You must not have had to deal with uPlay or their DRM on PC, huh?

Garbanjo0011986d ago

Geez can I have that salary in game design? 250,000. Wow. I'm totally there. Just give me like a decade.