Understanding Next-Gen DRM

Long before Sony revealed the PS4 and Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, many websites were reporting on the rumors of very strict DRM on both platforms. With some official information finally coming forward, Unigamesity takes a look at the restrictions set to be in place, and what their implications could be for gamers in general.

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threefootwang2012d ago

The fact that M$ not only announced it but pubicly supports it makes all the difference. Considering how well Sony has played their part with the PS4, it's incrediblly blunt to just assume they're going to do the same as M$. And once again, STOP comparing PC to console fanbase(s), consoles have a much bigger market in terms of gaming. This article is incredibly biased, know all the facts before making these assumptions!

MacDonagh2012d ago

PS4 will have DRM. They can say that they have left it to the publishers to decide whether or not to implement it but Sony is merely disavowing any responsibility for creating the infrastructure to allow for it to happen.

threefootwang2012d ago

Even if you're right, that still makes all the difference. M$ is enforcing it with every game on the Xbone. Sony is saying the publishers get to choose, which is better imo because some companies don't like the idea of DRM; Betheseda is one such example. Sony is taking the more user friendly approach to this and even then, until they come out and publicly announce it (E3 most likely) nothing is for sure confirmed. Given everything M$ is doing with the Xbone, it's kinda obvious why this pro 360 gamer is fed up with M$ and making the jump to PS4.

MacDonagh2012d ago

While I admire your optimism threefootwang, I don't believe that Sony would've had this system which would allow it without the publishers' knowledge or permission. Let us take an example like Watch Dogs or Destiny for instance. Both are multi-platform releases for the PS4 and the Xbox One. Now suppose that Ubisoft or Bungie have to have DRM in their Xbox One version, would they not have it implemented on the PS4 edition? On a brighter note, it's most likely that Sony exclusives won't have it but the multi-platform games will probably have it.

I just don't like either option because you're left with DRM at the end of the day. The only difference will be that one option will be less invasive than the other and I won't abide this as a consumer or a gamer.

threefootwang2012d ago

Haha fair enough man, I appreciate the non-biased, non fanboy response!

threefootwang2011d ago

I just had to come back to this MacDonagh. It appears my optimism paid off! Cheers to next-gen man!

MacDonagh2011d ago

Haha. For Sony games and exclusives; there will be no DRM.

EA didn't get rid of their online passes for nothing. Them and their publishing cohorts will still put DRM on their multi-platform games.

Still though. Xbox One got utterly destroyed. It was a massacre.

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kevnb2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Sony put the onus on the publishers, Microsoft is taking the blame themselves. Balmer always said, Developers, Developers, Developers!

And the PC market is at least as large or larger, unless you only mean specific types of games. Just a small example is that Nexon was going to just up and buy EA, that's pretty much just buying a huge chunk of the console industry.

And for pete sake, all consoles have drm, just no online checks yet.

flipflopfacts2012d ago

DRM on used games will only work if all the consoles do it. Right now M$ just looks like a retard doing this sh*t.

kevnb2012d ago

the drm used right now doesn't work very well for publishers, great for customers though. Gamefly and Gamestop are ro blame.

Viper72012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

// Let’s not forget: Sony is still a massive corporation, and corporations exist to make money. If publishers are forcing the hand of Microsoft to implement the ability for them to regulate used games, Sony must follow suit to have those publishers develop for their system//

This is bullshit. Publishers with their pants on retarded blockbuster business model, simply can't afford to skip any potential sales just because Platform holder doesn't do everything they want it to do.

//So why the uproar? With arguments that PC gamers have always had these problems, not to mention mobile gamers, why should console players feel so offended? //

PC is Open platform, you simply can't compare steam drm to similar thing on consoles. No one is forcing PC gamers to use steam, nor is steam the only channel on PC where you can get games. Steam has plenty of healthy competition to keep it on it's toes.

Consoles are closed, I have no guarantee that Microsoft or Sony wont just abuse their monopoly.

kevnb2012d ago

well you don't have to get one, you can just stop gaming or go to another type of platform. Heck it might be a good idea to wait out next gen for awhile.

YNWA962012d ago

Viper, apparently $ony loves you, wants to give you free games, let you buy only used games, send supermodels to you so you can make out all night.... Ohhhh we will see.... Right now PS4 looks like a trojan horse..... And if you let plus expire, you lose those free games right?

joefrost002012d ago

Appreciate this article
MS getting all the bad reaction to what I feel both systems will end up doing
Sony fanboys the publishers wont do one thing for one system and not the other
That's just common sense

Hicken2012d ago

What are you basing this feeling on?

gino92012d ago

There is no way microsoft would have DRM if sony didnt.They are no different ive heard the " it will be up to the publisher" bit from both camps. Microsoft fell on the sword first thats all.How its enforced really makes no difference DRM is DRM if you cant support one doing it dont support the other.