E3 2013 Countdown: Sony @ E3

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "In today's episode of our E3 countdown series we talk about why this E3 is big for Sony. between the latest news on the PS4 as well as making the Vita relevant and what games are coming our way. Sony is pretty hot right now with the PS4 and at this E3 they can either show us a great next generation console or a disappointing hardware device. See our thoughts as we have only a day to go before E3 2013!"

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mrmancs1594d ago

What is the big secrettttttt!? I can't stand surprises though I got a feeling I'm going to love the ones coming from Sony at e3!

GreenRanger1594d ago

What time does this start? (GMT)

WhittO1594d ago

ye 2am

I'm off work all week :D so can just stay up to watch the conference and the fall out after on N4G :D

I love E3, u can refresh N4G literally every second and there will be a new 250+ degree article/news haha.

On top of this, iOS7 AANDD Game Of Thrones Finale.
It's literally the best day so far of the year hahah!

CaEsAr-1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

This has to be the best year for gaming ever.

Omar911594d ago

The suspense is killing me... Hurry up E3!!

tachy0n1593d ago

my body needs a Gravity Rush 2 announcement.