Murdered: Soul Suspect gameplay revealed


Can detective Ronan O'Connor solve his own murder? We investigate the spooky town of Salem, Massachusetts to find out.

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SS272019d ago Show
ABizzel12019d ago

This actually looks interesting. Thank you devs. for finally starting to mature gaming.

3-4-52019d ago

Except for the fact that there was a crappy movie about this released like 3 years ago.

They just copied that idea. Hopefully this one is actually decent though.

Pintheshadows2019d ago

This entire concept intrigues me. If they can pull this off this could become a real cult classic. Cannot wait to experience it for myself.

NeXXXuS2019d ago

I hope this becomes something great. It looks like it has amazing potential.

Lbong2019d ago

Looks really cool, can't wait to play it and learn more about it.

r212019d ago

Looks great, cant wait to play this :D