New Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshots

Konami published a batch of new Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshots. Enjoy.

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sonarus3497d ago

MGS4 is a fantastic looking game. It may not look as good at killzone, uncharted or gears of war. But it is still a fantastic looking game. Those who say the visuals aren't all that great i challenge you to name 5 games that are out right now that look better than MGS4.

MGS4 will not only wow with visuals but with gameplay. The different ways you can choose to advance and play the game at your own pace. This isn't about running and gunning folks. This is straight up stealth gameplay. Blending in with your environments and all.

The videos so far have been nothing short of amazing, and the best is yet to come. June 12th can't get here soon enough. I am really really hoping sony drops the price for mgs4. Every gamer should have the opportunity to enjoy MGS4.

yesah3497d ago

hey does anyone know, that since this will be on a 50 gig disc we will have both voice tracks? (both languages)

sonarus3497d ago

because of space limitations only one voice track. lol. SO that 50GB isn't piled up with extra languages lol

Phatjabba3497d ago

Sonarus- are you nuts. The game looks better than all the games you listed.

yesah3497d ago

i thought they were having problems with the 25 gig so they cut things, including tracks, and then upgraded so were getting em back? no?

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Alcohog3497d ago

That is a nice boobie.

fenderputty3497d ago

I mean ... she looks like a doctor. Yet, she's wearing a blouse that is unbuttoned to her bellybutton. Why can't my doctor do that?

ScentlessApprentice73497d ago

Because they don't want you pitching a tent in your pants in their office.

fenderputty3497d ago

I'll wear two pairs of tighty whities to her office though.

Meus Renaissance3497d ago

Cos shes a woman who wants to get attention towards her breasts. In other words, a slut.

The Wood3497d ago

by taking your eyes away from the machine she has pointed at your nutz

sonarus3497d ago

nah wood i go with meus she's a slut lol

fenderputty3497d ago

Wearing provocative clothes does make her a slut, sleeping with all her patients does.

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decapitator3497d ago

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake... lol

Can't wait for this to drop.

HeartlesskizZ3497d ago

yea that SNAKEEEE part will so be in this game =D

and you can tell they have updated the graphics by just looking at the skin texture and Naomi Hunter's face and hair....

looking at vamp makes me nervous of what will he do this time....
I hope I get to defend Raiden with snake and fight vamp to death....

Bonsai12143497d ago

looks like raiden is in a pinch...

nix3497d ago

awesome! just awesome!

T_O873497d ago

you know I've never bought the collectors edition of any game and think its a waste of money but for this game i think i am going to get the limited edition thats how awesome MGS4 is