Why Xbox One Might Not Be the Worst Console Ever

"In light of Microsoft’s recent reveal of Xbox One, and the hate that it stirred up on the internet, Sony has officially stated that they will not have compulsory DRM on PS4. Publishers will be free to use their own proprietary DRM (just like they do now), which of course made the Xbox One look even more like hot street trash to any consumer. But maybe Microsoft just trying to reinvigorate the games industry, and is Sony holding it back." - Valentin Kulemin of

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SpideySpeakz2015d ago

Sorry, but the spot for worst console ever has already been reserved for the Visual Boy. No console will ever get worst than that.

knifefight2015d ago

Red-only as it may have had, the fact remains, I put a game in the Virtual Boy and it played it. It didn't have to report to a higher authority, didn't have to go through a million hoops, and we could play it for more than an hour at a friend's house. It was a game system that played games. I kind of have to give the win to Virtual Boy on this one, unlikely as that sounds.

Godmars2902015d ago

The console's issues don't derive from the tech in it but rather how its being implemented.

Everything wrong with it is something that MS *WANTED* in the system. They wanted a console which they wholly controlled to the point that once they no longer made money off of it, it becomes next to useless. Needs external functionality so that someone who buys it has to pay more, and keep paying, to get basic performance from it. But at least all of those leaching policies let it work.

Now on the other hand, if the heating issues and rumors of it being underclocked are true...

GreenRanger2015d ago

I would have no problem with it if Kinect wasn't mandatory and Microsoft didn't force that DRM crap on people.

SpinalRemains2015d ago

Its the worst console in gaming history and the first time that the next Gen is worse than the previous one.

It is that bad. Every concern is legit and all the whining is called for.

The reason we have damage control for it is because of the damage it causes.

Look at the flow chart.

OrangePowerz2015d ago

Lol Sony holding the industrie back? Hope they keep holding the industrie back.