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PlayStation Employee 'Blown Away By Something Being Shown at E3'

Push Square: "The coming days will play host to a number of big PlayStation announcements and demonstrations – and it looks like former EGM editor Shane Bettenhausen has already been privy to one." (E3, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Credit url: pushsquare.com
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Majin-vegeta  +   686d ago | Well said
M.A.G 2?Hey i can dream right??It'll be something like this.
JoGam  +   686d ago
MAG would be awesome.
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Divine  +   686d ago
i have sooo much anxiety
abzdine  +   686d ago

Now bring it on Sony! That's all what gamers want
abzdine  +   686d ago
for me nothing can be more amazing than an exclusive Shenmue 3 on PS4:

some of you might have forgotten about it but Shenmue 3 and PS4 design could crush everything at E3
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ABizzel1  +   686d ago
I want a PS3 Warhawk MMO.
LiberatedAnimal  +   686d ago
guitarded77  +   686d ago
If not, at least Planetside 2 is confirmed as F2P for PS4.
1nsomniac  +   686d ago
@abzdine..... You sir have just blown my mind!
millgate1  +   686d ago
MAG would be sexy! Only reason I sold it was because the community seemed to have died out :(
However, a Warhawk sequel... http://i.imgur.com/IKolnIT....

Highly unlikely though, considering the failure that Starhawk was (in terms of sales, loved the game).
Koyes  +   686d ago
I want a Getaway :'(
Sitdown  +   686d ago
I am always a sucker for Hot Shots Golf.....but I know that is not the case here. Battle Arena Toshinden?
GuyThatPlaysGames   686d ago | Bad language | show
Panthers  +   686d ago
Well Zipper is gone, so it could only be a million times better. But Im not too interested in MAG 2 (Destiny seems much more interesting to me)

Socom done right would be sick. But I think this might be something new. Or an exclusive FF game.
starchild  +   685d ago
Oh come on, can't you guys think of something better than MAG?

I think it is something new and unique. I can't wait for E3.
Chris_GTR1  +   685d ago
LOL!!! so Shane Bettenhausen is working for sony now? lol was the biggest sony fanboy ever guess its a perfect fit him working at sony.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   685d ago
I would totally jump in for another MAG. ONE and A Half more DAYS!!! OH MY F&#%&^!%*#
Syntax-Error  +   685d ago
Not only is your comment dumb, but it is also IMPOSSIBLE. Shenmue 3 can NEVER be a PS4 exclusive because it is the property of SEGA. Your fanboy colors are showing BIG TIME. Secondly, the game was NEVER on Playstation so why would it be an exclusive on that system? It was on Dreamcast which operated on the Windows CE OS making it more than likely to be a MS game if any. If you know anything about Shenmue then you would know that SEGA is not making the game unless it receives some financial backing from another publisher. With that in mind, they would never make this game an exclusive. It would be multiplatform considering Playstations track record with exclusive sales. There's a reason why Metal Gear Solid is now on both consoles.

MAG? Whoever said MAG is an idiot. In case you didnt know...Zipper Interactive was shut down by Sony! I know Sony owns the IP, but so what. The game is done
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justastranger10  +   685d ago
I think he saw something at the X1 conference that blew him away.
Brazz  +   686d ago
My hopes go for "destiny of spirits" From Software Ps4 Exclusive and Sucessor of Demon's Souls! Hell, Dark souls on ps3 and Destiny of spirits( as a Demon's souls 2)is more them Epic!

Edit: why the hell you only have 1 bubble Majin-Vegeta?
PM me, i know you can't respond here!
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LonDonE  +   686d ago
its UNCHARTED 4, but it wont be called uncharted 4, it will just be uncharted and then with a sub heading,and it runs at 60fps and is going to BLOW EVERYONE AWAY! obviously it wont launch for a while yet, may be even some time next year, but the footage they do show is amazing! remember the cruise ship stage in uncharted 3? or how about the train levels in uncharted 2 with the helicopter fight, and then as you fight on the moving train and go through lush jungles, all the way to the ice capped mountains? was awesome right, we aint seen NOTHING YET!! naughty dog are easily one of the if not THE BEST DEVELOPERS around today! one can dream right? its inevitable, but when? sooner or later?
AliTheSnake1  +   685d ago
60 FPS ? Why, you want to play a soap ?
45 is good.
60 is too much for third person.
Brazz  +   685d ago
30 to 45 is almost pointless!
Whit all respect man, a real diference only comes if you put things at 50-60 (aiming for 60 Fps, but whit some downs, something like 60 and 52 in some areas). that is the real deal!
ZBlacktt  +   686d ago
MAG 2 would be the best ever! Because think of it on the PS4 now. When the first MAG ran awesome with 256 players on the PS3
HammadTheBeast  +   686d ago
Well Planetside 2 has 2000 players. I bet MAG 2 could pull off the same seeing as they'd be on the same console.
kneon  +   686d ago
And according to a recent tweet planetside 2 is coming to the PS4.
Gran Touring  +   686d ago
@kneon there's already been a trailer from SOE confirming this yt: /watch?v=Swy0_w8SnxA
grailly  +   686d ago
@ gran touring
how the hell did I miss that? that really went under everyone's radar.

cool to see free2plays going to ps4, I'll be playing quite a few of them once I'm done with the launch AAA games.
Novistador  +   686d ago
But MAG was a godawful game... why would we want a sequel?
LonDonE  +   686d ago
i doubt it, with planetside 2 laucnhing on PS4, i dont think they will want to have another massive fps online game at the same time
EazyC  +   686d ago
I thought MAG was simply ahead of its time, next-gen would provide an ideal platform for this kind of game.
JoGam  +   686d ago
It was. I'll be honest. I hated MAG at first. I believe its because i didn't understand how to play it but once I learned you couldn't keep me off the game. Got the Platinum trophy too.
ShwankyShpanky  +   686d ago

"Got the Platinum trophy too."

ZBlacktt  +   686d ago
Yep, I'm sitting at 98% with the Plat myself. Just one of the DLC games wouldn't load often towards the end. So getting that last bronze hasn't happened.

It's one of the Plats I'm most proud of too. Because its all effort on your part with a great deal of time invested.
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cell989  +   686d ago
pLatinum trophy for MAG is no easy task gentlemen
LoveSpuds  +   686d ago
Would love MAG too. I stopped playing because there was a real lack of variety with the maps but for the 8 months or so I played it I was hooked.

Hats of to you guys with the Platinum - holy shit!
RavageX  +   686d ago
Someone suggested Planetside 2 as being like MAG, so I gave it a download and I have to say they were somewhat right.

I ended up getting rid of it only cause' I didn't feel like getting the hang of it(LAZY) but it did seem decent.

I would like to see a MAG sequel, a PROPER Warhawk sequel, not that Starhawk nonsense, a DETAILED boxing game for the PSEye thing, not one of those kid-friendly boxing games like on Sports Champions 2. Something like The Fight, only better.

And...while it would be cool I don't think it would happen...

A next gen Rock Band. With the PSeye you could record your performances with your friends, let people rate your performance. Use real or fake instruments, even play your own songs.

That...that would cost a fortune by the time it was all said and done, lol. Plus I think Activision really did kill music gaming...for now.
Novistador  +   686d ago
You mean MAG was like Planetside...
Novistador  +   686d ago
Microsoft Dev- "Something new and exciting is coming"
N4G community Response- "hur hur hur Doritos Doritos, no hype deserved.
Sony worker- "Something new and excting blew my socks right of my dick"
Smoovekid  +   686d ago
Maybe 512 players instead of 256.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   686d ago
1024! What are you? Amish?
SecondSon  +   685d ago
If 512mb or RAM had 256 players.
8GB will have 4000! 0.0
Smoovekid  +   686d ago
@GrandTheftZamboni 2048 players!
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THE-COMMANDER  +   686d ago
Please be Uncharted 4!

I can dream too lol
trancefreak  +   686d ago
I hate Mondays but i would skip my weekend for it to be 6pm PST June 10th 2013 :)
zeddy  +   686d ago
mag would be terrible, i find it hard how anyone could be blown away by mag 2.
Psn800  +   686d ago
He seen the Ps4 in all it's splendid glory and he his so overwhelmed he cried with joy .
cannon8800  +   686d ago

"now with 1024 players on the same map!" lol
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-MD-  +   686d ago
Let's hope we get a good game instead.
showtimefolks  +   686d ago
Shenmue 3

And he collection for first 2

What I do know is both ms and Sony will have few world exclusive shockers, this is the first time 2 giant console makers are going at it so we should see some great products
blackberty  +   686d ago
mag was awful.
Dannycr  +   686d ago
I REALLY hope it is not MAG 2. I hope it is something way better and unique. Less shooters, more adventures.

Plus, MAG sucked :P
Thats called planetside 2??
bohemian 23  +   685d ago
That would be so awesome, mag was a great game.
wastedcells  +   685d ago
MAG or socom would be nice on next gen hardware but I'm hoping in something from naughty dog, gorilla games, the GOW team at sana Monica or SCEE.
Crazay  +   685d ago
That would be unfortunate on so many levels
nosferatuzodd  +   685d ago
Napa this topic is over 10,000
isarai  +   685d ago
Well there's Planetside 2? coming to PS4 free to play and is VERY good with a shit tons of players
oof46  +   685d ago
I believe Planetside 2 will fill that gap.
Minato-Namikaze  +   686d ago
Is this the samething doritos pope was blown away by?
greenpowerz  +   686d ago
No this came after and gamers are trying to paint this as the same thing.

Doritos Pope made that statement in the contest of the DRM drama. Sony is getting a free ride right now, there is no PS4 DRM drama(yet).

Doritos Pope was talking about the MSFT DRM announcement and the drama it has caused but knows about something that will ease the pain(for Some)

This is the Tweet LOL

I bet you agreed with Dayz

This Tweet is just a Sony camp PR response to geoff, most likely..

Some pro Sony media already tried to spin what Geoff said in Sony's favor and a N4G member already tried to post it on N4G where it failed.

Why do you think PS3 fans reacted so badly to the Geoff's tweet article posted here on N4G? it's because they knew what he way implying.
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OrangePowerz  +   686d ago
It could also mean that is something that will make everybody talk about and nobody will talk about MS and it`s DRM.

On the other hand Doritos Pope is usually more on the MS side of hype so it might be something else.
TheItalianStallion   686d ago | Off topic | show
SexyGamerDude  +   686d ago

Nope, mandatory online checks are not going to PS4. Sony already told us that internet will not be a required feature. We can play offline as long as we want.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   686d ago
There, there...
SniperControl  +   686d ago
Where can I land a job like yours Greenpowerz? Man, MS must be paying the PR firm you are working for a wad of bucks to say the stuff you do. I am so jealous of you right now...........
Bluepowerzz  +   686d ago
get out doe
Bluepowerzz  +   686d ago
@oraange our brother be spining for ms faster than a bayblade.
Pillsbury1  +   685d ago
So, let me get this straight, you bash Sony and praise Microsoft? If I've ever seen a stealth Microsoft employee forum troll, it's greenpowerz.
porkChop  +   686d ago
Doritos Pope. Shit, that's perfect.
talocaca  +   686d ago
Giant enemy crabs?

gaffyh  +   686d ago
Giant enemy crabcakes.
zebramocha  +   686d ago
Giant enemy cheddar biscuit.
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azshorty2003  +   686d ago
Oooohh.. sounds delicious.
GamersHeaven  +   686d ago
Genji Attack of the crabs
abc1233  +   686d ago
I hate these teases!
Walker  +   686d ago
Please be Naughty Dog's Next-Gen Game !
Enemy  +   686d ago
Doubt it. My guess is Sony Santa Monica's next work. Or maybe Knack gameplay. Or Quantic Dream's new game. Or The Last Guardian's rebirth. Man I don't even know, lol. So many possibilities. New IP?
Pintheshadows  +   686d ago
If it turns out to be Shen Mue 3 then...

Related image(s)
OlgerO  +   686d ago
People we stand at a crossroads between the old and the new generation of gaming. Experiences await that you havent even dreamed off
OrangePowerz  +   686d ago
You know what would blow me away besides of no DRM?

Shenmue 3, that would blow me away even if it has the graphics of a Dreamcast game.
THamm  +   686d ago
Long live Dreamcast!
sedx  +   686d ago
lucidity  +   686d ago
Keep your expectations measured: Bettenhausen is notoriously over-enthusiastic. His saying "it takes a lot to impress me" is essentially meaningless.
SpinalRemains  +   686d ago
Yeah lets be real.

For most, a great pair of legs and a six pack will impress. Well it does for me anyway.

I just can't buy into hype like this. 9/10 it turns out to be something meh and the 1 time it is truly awesome, we usually heard about it beforehand.
dafegamer  +   686d ago
nope. E3 will definitely deliver
ChipChipperson  +   686d ago
If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this the same guy who said in a Silent Hill Homecoming video interview that the past Silent Hill games' bosses or combat " have always been shit"?
first1NFANTRY  +   686d ago
The Getaway? Eight Days? War Devil? Agent? Syphon Filter? what is it dammit!?

ok now if it's something unimpressive i'm lighting dog feces on this guys porch. i'm trying not to get excited but i can't help it. man the wait is UNBEARABLE.
#10 (Edited 686d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
grailly  +   686d ago
war devil, lol
cell989  +   686d ago
haha the master of vaporware
dafegamer  +   686d ago
might be the destiny of spirits game
Omar91  +   686d ago
During these times, I'd be blown away by this too:

"Did you see a man loan a game to another man, unfettered and free?
brandonb21  +   686d ago
agent? by rockstar games?
Sevir  +   686d ago
Well it seems that its tying in line with Geoff and Greg miller
both Saw something big last night, greg said it was Playstation related, so I'm guessing What Geoff saw was also PS related. I cannot wait for E3 to get underway.
dafegamer  +   686d ago
do have a source of what greg miller said?
OrangePowerz  +   686d ago

He said "Learned an #E3 @PlayStation Conference secret tonight that has me #BEYOND excited for Monday."

Could be Beyond Good and Evil 2 maybe or just a reference to the Beyond podcast?
soniqstylz  +   686d ago
@Orange I'm 100% sure it's a reference to his podcast.
majiebeast  +   686d ago
Last i heard on invisible walls is that the Giraffe tweet by Keighley goes deep.
SpideySpeakz  +   686d ago
Awesome robot? That statement seem to be out of place.
porkChop  +   686d ago
When he said that, he was talking to the developer of Dragon Fantasy Book II about their new trailer. It's being featured in the sizzle reel.
windblowsagain  +   686d ago
I was once blown away by something.

A very strong gust of wind.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   686d ago
Lol @ your name and your comment.
Pintheshadows  +   686d ago
We need more people like you on here.
mrmancs  +   686d ago
Bf4 running at 1080p 60fps? As confirmed??
LeRise  +   686d ago
Battlefield 4 isn't THAT impressive. I'm sure he played BF3 at his PC and he knows how does it look. BF4 is like 3.5 to be honest.

I guess it was The Console.
quenomamen  +   686d ago
Sounds like a new GOW to me, which i never thought was that great. Too repetative, hack n slash.
swice  +   686d ago
I thought they got rid of the booth-babes
gamertk421  +   686d ago
They brought them back, but restricted how revealing their clothing can be. Aaah, the good ol' days of the Saints Row reveal...
snipab8t  +   685d ago
Oh boy in Australia there were SR3 babes at the EB expo. Jesus I haven't slept since.
doi   686d ago | Immature | show
Dlacy13g  +   686d ago
I am at a loss... I thought Shane worked for a developer now... when did Shane become a Sony employee? If he now works for Sony so be it but I am not understanding the Sony reference.
porkChop  +   686d ago
From his Twitter description:

"Ex-EGM/1up, ex-UTV Ignition; now blazing new trails in gaming with PlayStation."
Dlacy13g  +   685d ago
ahh...thank you. I misssed that on the twitter. I always have liked Shane. Glad to see he is more involved than ever.
silvacrest  +   686d ago
what i want is versus and agent, they dont even have to be exclusive any more

and backwards compatibility via gaikai would go a long way too
DEEBO  +   686d ago
i have agree with some of the other posterps on here.mag was a really good game but came at a time when sony support from the gamers wasn't really there.but on a sad note,zipper is no longer with sony so,no mag,no socom ps2 style.
xX_Altair_Xx  +   686d ago
Uncharted 4.
PLAYER5095  +   686d ago
cant believe imma miss this as ill be going to school in the afternoon. oh well at least i wont miss MS' event
pedrof93  +   686d ago
Halo 5 for PS4, I'm sure.
pimpschitz  +   686d ago

Fallout 4 (would be nice to have some teasers or screenshots).

FF15 (13 versus).

I'm already excited about Destiny MORE than Halo. I'm excited about The Last of Us more than pretty much anything right now. I'm excited about GTA 5.
Elite-uk  +   685d ago
Fallout 4 info would be great!.
evilhasitsway  +   686d ago
yeah that's all we need is another shooter :(
sly-Famous  +   686d ago
No DRM!?

That will surly blow me away.
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Ayabrea123  +   686d ago
What if it's just Sony smashing MS saying that they will not be blocking used games, making up some sort of DRM, etc. That would be explosive at E3.
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