What's the deal with illegal PSP downloads?

As we all know PSP piracy is a real big issue but the problem seems to be more than just custom firmware. PSPSA is one of the very few PSP fan sites (I am so proud) that does not have any flashing banners and affiliate hyperlinks all over the show offering free unlimited PSP downloads. So how exactly do you get these free downloads and what's the real story behind them?

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Darkiewonder3679d ago

I actually buy games for the system and the only thing I don't get is the UMD movies. But seeing as I BUY blu-ray movies and select titles will have a copy of the movie on disc that's transferable to the mem stick of the psp. I full support it.

Harry1903679d ago

this will be great.
those sites are quite an 'attrappe-nigaud''

Skerj3679d ago

UMD flicks were always a rip off, and I've been a staunch PSP supporter since it was announced. They drain batteries quick as hell, the prices were on par with a DVD (or higher), and before the slim you couldn't watch them on anything else. So you were better off just buying the DVD, ripping it, and putting it on your memory stick.

PS360WII3679d ago

geez turn 3 years old and get a slew of articles on you ;)

I too buy my games for the PSP but the piracy is pretty crazy for this handheld.

mighty_douche3679d ago

I havent got a PSP right now, but when i did i ALWAYS bought the official PSP games, sure ok, all my emulators and what not were downloaded.

If a game doesnt appear worth its RRP to me i dont download it, i just dont get it.

Now movies..... i think ill just leave that there...

Montrealien3679d ago

Here`s how it works. That`s what I saw in that article, very funny.

WINZLOW3679d ago

i have emulators for pretty much any gaming console that was ps1 and below. the dude that sold me my slim is working on ripping 360 titles so i never really have to buy any psp game. oh yeah and did i mention that we also sell cameras for the psp? sold only in japan but we have them in the states and in canada.

Harry1903679d ago

seem to be everywhere.
but with each firmware update
you have to restart again.
pirating 360 games is very very easy.

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The story is too old to be commented.