Gears of War 2 Tech demo

The technological demonstration of the upgraded Unreal Engine 3, which will be used in Gears of War 2, and which was unveiled during the San Francisco GDC is finally available in all its 720p direct-feed glory. Superb.
Update: Behind-the-scenes video of the GDC presentation added

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Blademask3437d ago

Anyone else?

How many times can this story get rehashed?

Regret3437d ago

They said it's UE3 tech demo and why is it approvd again?

mighty_douche3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

To be honest i wouldnt even want this to be a "gears of war 2" demo. These are just updates to the engine shown on Gears because it easily gives viewers something to relate to. It's easy to show "look at this compared to how you remember from Gears1!"

Gears of war WILL look beeter than that demo as a whole, ok maybe the water might not be as good or whatever, but the WHOLE package will be fantastic.

The ONLY Gears2 trailer shown is the animated Marcus chainsawing the sh*t out of that dudes crotch (gotta love that).

Raptors3437d ago

Rehashed like the million times KZ2 trailer was shown?

Blademask3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

#1 You will only find IN GAME footage. Not a Killzone 1 tech demo.
#2 This story was reported old, because its old.
#3 Why does everyone try to justify mistakes by others who have made mistakes? that doesn't lessen the mistake, in the least.

Stop owning yourself.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3437d ago

It's on the Xbox Live marketplace as a Gears of War tech demo, now stop whining and wipe those tears and enjoy what you can't have.

Blademask3437d ago

Just not this unrelated tech demo that Epic has stated was the new unreal engine tech demo.

keep pretending Anyone said "This is the Gears 2 tech demo" Keep holding onto that. I know its all you have to look forward to. An unreal engine tech demo which will pan out as all tech demos do, some features make it, others dont.

Raptors3437d ago

How about you look past your ignorance and look at the matter of hand. When the ps3 has a success in anything there are multiple simultaneous stories always going. When the ps3 beat the 360 in the NPD numbers there were several articles going at the same time all approved. So suck it up and stop crying about an article that is positive news for the 360. And the only person who's getting owned is yourself.

Shankle3437d ago

If I was a mod I would have sent you next door by now. I guess you're lucky they're so lenient.

poopface13437d ago

what is their biggest ue3 game? what game will be the showcase of these new features? what game did they use to show the new stuff?

neeharb3437d ago

They do say in the video if gears of war was released on the day on the of the tech show gears of war would look like this...See the video..

NO_PUDding3437d ago

I personally think Blademask hasn't done anything wrong.

My goodness, if people claim this site is full of PS3 owners, at least it's because of the ferocity of 360 supporters. Calm down, all he was saying was that this isn't explicitly about Gears of War 2.

And thank your lucky stars cus if it was then it would be boring. Just by the way, I feel I have to justify my negativity on Gears of War by saying what PS3 games I think (just so as not to get my bubbles ruined) have the same problem. Luckily, there is a very obvious comparable, and that is Unreal Tournament 3. Anything in the Unreal Engine is very much boring to me. It seems to be incapable of producing any innovative game.

Blademask3436d ago

I could care 2 sh's about what "SONY" did for NPD or what SONY did for anything on this damn site. This isn't about the integrity of the site in the least, because that has already taken a back door thanks to the rabid pundits here.

The issue that I'm saying, and that IS clear, is that THIS IS NOT A GEARS 2 TECH DEMO. Which it is TITLED and is being PAWNED off on people as gospel. Inherently EPIC is going to use the technology FROM THIS TECH DEMO for Unreal 4/Gears2 but that DOES NOT mean that this IS the "GEARS 2 TECH DEMO." People are completely delusional and they are trying to force the coexistence of the two, as if this demo is CLOSELY linked to Gears 2 more so than any other title that will use the engine.

Wake me up when there are in game videos of Gears 2. Until then, yes everyone can keep reposting this Unreal Engine Tech Demo. Hell break out the Alan Wake tech demo too.

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Danja3437d ago

has ne one seen the Killzone 2 Tech demo...? lol

DarkSniper3437d ago

Epic Games only has a mere tech demo to showcase for their highly anticipated Gears of War 2. When Bungie Studios showcased their Halo 3 trailer (the bubble shield), claiming it was in game footage, many Microslaves were in denial over the horrendous final product of the game.

This trend will continue with Gears of War. Epic Games are ashamed of what little can be done since going back to XBOX 360 development from PLAYSTATION® 3. To break the news blatantly, Gears of War 2 will be 2008's biggest disappointment.


rusgreim3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Absolutely NO ONE claimed that the ESPN Monday Night Football commercial (or bubble shield for your dumb a$$) was in-game! Everyone knew LONG before it was shown that it was produced using CGI by Digital Domain. You are an absolute douche and need to shut the f!ck up.

DarkSniper3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Actually, this quote comes directly from TheMART At Xboxkings.

[quote]DAMN it really is all in-game within the engine...

This is what Halo 3 indeed playable is going to be. That's mind-blowing. So the list of games to get is getting longer for sure[quote]

So in rebuttal to your claim. Absolutely SOMEONE claimed that the ESPN Monday Night Football commercial was real time. To say that you are wrong is an understatement. But Dark Sniper will let your foolishness show through your responses.


Microslaves will take personal offense to the mere fact that garbage hardware such as XBOX 360 has maxed out it's potential and Epic's reluctance to show real time footage of Gears of War 2 is the undeniable proof. Their convoluted souls have brewed an intense amount of jealousy and hatred towards Dark Sniper's alliegance to the vastly superior PLAYSTATION® 3 Home Entertainment Console.


rusgreim3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

That article is talking about the announcement trailer, not the ESPN commercial. QUOTE: "Bungie has realeased a short documentary about what it took to make the halo 3 anouncement trailer and some extra footage."

The announcement trailer at E3 2006 looks EXACTLY like the game, and DOES NOT HAVE A BUBBLE SHIELD IN IT.

You are still a douche. But now, because you don't know what the h!ll you are talking about, you have been upgraded to mega-douche.

Go ahead and keep trying to rebut the fact you are stupid, I'll keep taking you apart.

InYourMom3437d ago

I smell fear!!

Rusgreim is correct. Bungie even went out of their way to comment to everyone that the commercial done by Digital Domain was NOT gameplay. The tech they showed at E3 was in fact in-game (without the bubble sheild) and is spot on with what the game looks like.

I can't believe all the disagrees he is getting for stating a truth.

Shaka2K63437d ago

Not one dvd lmao.

last gen. games only on xbug 3rd60.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3437d ago

And DarkSniper, no one ever said the bubble shield was in game, your making it up. Now for the rest of you, look at the engine that powers Gears of War 2 and look how it shines over anything on consoles, graphicly. Every time Sony takes a step, MS takes two, now enjoy the most advanced engine in consoles today. :)

Rocko3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Now its 2008 and they do the same thing with Motorstorm! LMAO!

@[email protected]: 4 hours? Like Heavenly Rent, Lair, and Uncharted: Drakes Misfortune? LMAO OWNED, NOW SIT THE F**K DOWN.

Clubptxxx3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

You amaze me with your sheer intellect. Your ability to come up with alternate titles both amuses me and astounds me. I bow down to you as you are obviously vastly superior to me in every way.

Also, don't tell someone to sit down on the internet, chances are, They already are.

Lastly, don't try and disgrace games that you haven't played. I'm willing to bet my Pubic Hair that you haven't even touched one of them, whereas I have played all except Lair And KZ2(obviously). Loved them by the way.

To put it in your words, "S1T T3H FAWK D0\/\/N N|_|B!!111!!!1(lol I think I'm super [email protected] lolol)[email protected]!!1"

Rocko3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I OWN Uncharted. Looks good, fun to play, but its short as hell. Lair is the definition of trash and Heavenly Sword is a sh*tty God of War wannabe. Talk whatever sh*t you want about Gears, but the fact is it has fantastic multiplayer, and that give its more playability and longevity. $60 for mediocre single player only games is a rip-off.

My PS3 library is larger than most Sony c*cksuckers on this site. Hell most of them DON'T EVEN OWN PS3'S. So again, SIT THE F**K DOWN.

NO_PUDding3437d ago

Hmmm, well I think that's a bit unfair.

Gears of War is pretty boring too. Infact very short, and it has nopthign else, and the multiplayer is so basic it has very little replayability. If you still play that then it shows how little decent games your 360 has got after 2 1/2 years.

By the way, I am not being a fanboy, I also think UTIII offers the same boring crap Unreal Engine 3 monotony on the PS3. And I am not excited for Gears of War 2, and neitehr am I excited for Uncharted 2.

power of Green 3437d ago

The Halo Bubble shield Football ad was announced as CGI, Bungie made sure people understood that before it aired.

PS3 fanboy scum and their lies.

Its a wonder so many idiots agree with you just to spite the 360 and its fans.

sabbath4203437d ago

Why do you care? It is a 360 game not a ps3 game. You should be saying a prayer that your ps3 games are playable when they arrive.

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Glad to be a gamer3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I almost feel sorry for guerilla (aka killzone 2 devs) they don't have a chance if killzone 1 is anything to go by.

I'll pray for you Guerilla but i don't think even god can stop this one its innevitable that killzone 2 is gonna be steam rollered by epics gears 2 shaped juggernaught.

Hope killzone 2 manages to sell ok so Sony can get back some of the money they've invested and put it to good use this time.

Isn't Killzone 2 the most expensive game ever made? Either way this is gonna hurt the Sony piggy bank if it isn't a success.

edit:@mightydouche uuummmm bathing in the sweet waters from your tears of outrage ahahahahaa. Dry your eyes sonny jim its just my opinion based on what ive seen from both developers.

mighty_douche3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Stick to the topic noob. Gears of War!