Gamertag Radio: "Some gamers are afraid of change" - Xbox One/PS4 DRM controversy

This week on Gamertag Radio:

Godfree & Parris talks about why this is a great time to be a gamer, why people should be patient with the new next gen consoles during E3 and why gamers are afraid of changes with the whole DRM controversy.

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ArnoldSchwarzenigra2019d ago

Afraid of change and not wanting money grabbing restrictions on their consoles are two different things.

Wikkid6662019d ago

So if someone was stealing from you... you wouldn't try to stop it? I know I would.

Mikelarry2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

with a shotgun and some canyen pepper to rub into the bullet wound

edit: to the disagrees. i dont support ms console, i dont believe used games or lending your games to your friends is stealing was just making a joke to the above users comment

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2019d ago

I'm a little confused as to how your reply factors in to what I said.

RavageX2019d ago

Pure nonsense if you are trying to say used games = stealing.

Ashlen2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Buying something used is not stealing, trading games with your friends is not stealing, giving games you have already played to family members is not stealing.

WeaseL2019d ago

So people who buy used games should go to prison

Wikkid6662019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

The used game thing is nonsense... since it's been stated that the games can be sold back to the retail and the sold used.

And to the game producers and publishers it is stealing.

Enemy2019d ago

So if one person steals, everyone else has to pay the consequences as well?

Patrick2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Tell me where you think buying a used game or giving a game your done with to someone is stealing... cause if it is... then millions of people and thousands of game stores are going to jail.
Stealing is taking something that you didnt pay for or wasnt given to you by someone that paid for it.
I get what your trying for there, but your wrong... and so are the game makers. There are better ways to go about getting people to buy games new. Like maybe adding in extras that make spending the extra $5 to $10 dollars worth it. Without the used games market... forget being able to go back and play games you missed out on. Or in 15 to 20 years when you want to go back and play some old games just for nostalgia or to show your kids or gran kids... you cant.

Wikkid666 "And to the game producers and publishers it is stealing."

Oh no... its not stealing to them, but its also not making them money either so why would they support it. I used to think like you... then I grew up.

amiga-man2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

you mean me putting up my old car in part exchange for a new one is stealing?

M$ are simply trying to control gaming pure and simple,If anything it is M$ trying to steal our rights, don't accept it people!!!!!!

refocusedman2019d ago

I'm not sure how consumers who purchase your product are considered thiefs. Only the software industry tries to dictate what u can do with their product once u purchase it. Digital downloads are sonewhat understandable but for a consumer to spend over 60 on a hard copy of a disc and for a company to tell that I can only allow one friend to use it or that I can use it at a friends house but that is monitored/restricted as well is completely unacceptable.

The_KELRaTH2019d ago

So just how much piracy has there been on the PS3 exactly???

There has been absolutely no need to force an always internet connected gaming system and lock out 2nd hand games.
It should be like most other changes in that it becomes a user instigated direction if it works. i.e. how many gamers are playing Grid 2 on their console and how many are playing the SP with their console connected as the game features other friends SP best times etc - it's not forced rather a feature but should you want to you could play the SP without being connected and that is exactly how it should work.
If MS want always on then let them pay for our internet service.

I too very rarely buy 2nd hand but there has been occasions when I wanted an old game BUT I also very rarely buy 2nd hand books too (of course if 2nd hand games gets blocked then maybe book publishers will start burning any 2nd hand books so they too can get cash on every sale).

It's very easy for greed to be put across in such a way that it sounds reasonable but we live in a world where huge amounts of 2nd hand items are traded all the time whether it be houses, cars to a game and at no time is the original seller granted profit from it.
If you start to analyse who should get what then the publisher is quite a long way down the chain - surely the programmers are the only ones who should get extra payments but hang-on - no, surely it's the developer of the computer language used as without them there wouldn't have been a game - you could them micro analyse the computer language as really shouldn't the guys that developed the silicon IC's get the profit - this is why we don't have this type of economy; you bought it, you are the new owner to do as you please including selling it END

MysticStrummer2019d ago

"to the game producers and publishers it is stealing."

I see.

It's stealing because they say it is.


(Horrible point)

4Sh0w2019d ago

Well anyone who thinks this change is only coming to X1 is crazy, I dont care how sony words it if you think publishers are going to charge 2nd hand fees on 1 and not on the other without a major loss of support for the 1 that doesnt compensate them then you are being very foolish.

microsoft loves money so for them to admit publicly they dont receive any cut of these fees is very telling= "not our fault blame the publishers" and I'm sure if it wasnt true publishers would be out in force, notice their silence.

Yi-Long2019d ago

... it should be an 'improvement'!

The announced 'changes' CLEARLY are the complete opposite of 'improvements': we lose our consumer rights, and it inflicts our privacy. Plus it forces crap upon us that we DON'T WANT, like mandatory Kinect.

We're not afraid of change. When they're improvements, like dual-analogue sticks, or triggers, or a service like PSN+, we WELCOME it! Because those are changes for the better.


We won't benefit from the announced 'changes' MS wants to force upon us. And I'm certainly not going to buy their vision of 'change'.

Boody-Bandit2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

My wife knows more about gaming than you do. Why you bother recording your opinion to share with others boggles my mind.

On topic:
Why anyone tries to defend the direction DRM is headed is nonsensical at best and infringing on the rights as a consumer. No other entertainment industry does this and they are all doing fine even with the existence of used sales and rentals of their product.

This has NOTHING to do with fear and everything to do with GREED. The nickel and diming started with MS charging to play online (XBL) and continued with MS having Epic charge for the 1st DLC for Gears of War. Which Epic was against doing. After that the snowball turned into an Avalanche and soon they were charging us for horse armour. Which is kind of fitting now that they (Avalanche) are the primary mouth piece for MS right now.

These restrictions, which will lead to even additional fees, are completely unwarranted and (IMO) out of control. If consumers give into this nonsense the industry wont survive it. That's not lunacy, it's simply common sense. People need to understand that the masses don't purchase DLC but it's the minority of gamers that do.

It's as if these manufacturers and developers don't care about actual numbers but how much money they can squeeze out of each piece sold by tacking on extra fees and restrictions.

Doing away with rentals and greatly restriction used games sales wont warrant more new units sold. Not at full MSRP. Trust me when I tell you games won't drop in price nearly as fast as they do now once these tactics of their fall into place.

This is not moving the industry forward. That is why consumers disapprove of these restrictions. It has NOTHING to do with fear. Learn of which you speak or do us a favor and don't.

SpinalRemains2019d ago

They aren't being robbed.

Your logic is wrong.

They manufactured a game and someone purchased the game. They were paid for their product. Book publishers don't do this.

According to you, libraries and Gamestop are breaking the law.

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r1sh122019d ago

this isnt change.
Its taking away rights.
We might as well be in a country that gives no rights to its citizens, the same way apple does for its users.

Dear Microsoft - You are not Apple, stop trying to be like them, otherwise you will backtrack the same way you did with the windows 8 start button!!!!!!!

SnakeCQC2019d ago

^this. These are unneccesary restrictions that just hurt their loyal fans people who were never going to pay for games will always find a way to circumvent it but proper consumers wont be able to. The 500gb hdd in the xb1 is unchangable too which means after a dozen or so games it will be full esp if you like open world games like gta or elder scrolls

Saigon2019d ago

I had an argument on here about that with someone a while back. I think we made an argument about how much will be applied to the hdd. I stated the best answer, which in my opinion was 500gb. The other individual stated that it would be 1-5tb, if I am not mistaken. All I remember was that it was in the terabyte range. Either way, I had to make the claim to the user that it made no sense for MS to add that amount of hdd space because it could get expensive. I also stated that if there would be mandatory installs, which in this case it looks like there will be, Each game published to the Xbone could eat up hdd space fast. To me, looking from the inside out, they are expecting users to play only at least 10 games in their console life time at once. Now that doesn't include downloads extras and space for the operating system. Granted, I know the cloud environment exist and most likely you can delete unused information but it still eats up a lot of memory fast. For now on I am going to refer to the Xbone as rented hardware.

Belking2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

You see that's the problem with some gamers today. They think everything is theirs and want stuff for free, and only see things from a consumers perspective. Not saying i agree with all the DRM stuff but why are people so pissed about this when the music, movie, and clothing/fashion industry take steps to protect their investments/products, there isn't all this rage. If someone was stealing from you (like Gamestop does every day to customers and publishers/devs) you would be pissed and want to do something about it too.

I remember when people were shitting bricks when they found out the music industry was going digital and HDTV was replacing analog. Also when MS wanted to put a internet connection to xbox people thought that was stupid saying things like, "consoles don't need the internet".

Look at it now, hardly anyone purchases CDs and analog tv is gone and consoles with internect connection is a standard. I would much rather have a small inconvenience than to help put devs out of work and bring down the industry. You dinosaurs need to get with the times. Lets see how all this plays out before we bash it to death.

Patrick2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Um... except that you can still buy and sell used Music CDs, movies (Bluray and DVD) and clothing... So your argument is meaningless.

(Edit)Sure if you buy it digitally then you can not resell it and thats expected and understood. But they are taking away our rights with PHYSICAL property. Us dinosaurs (as you so ignorantly put it) have every right to fight back against this kind of control. If they want to go purely digital and really take out the used games market, fine... do it. But see, they cant yet cause they wouldnt last, we arent far enough along in digital games for them to do that yet.

So instead they take this path which I hope fails, because if it doesnt, it could set a dangerous precedent to other entertainment industries, like movies. Imagine not being able to take your movies to friends houses, or being able to rent them. Imagine if you had to BUY at full cost, every movie you wanted to watch. Would you support that?

MysticStrummer2019d ago

"Not saying i agree with all the DRM stuff but why are people so pissed about this when the music, movie, and clothing/fashion industry take steps to protect their investments/products, there isn't all this rage."

You are saying you agree with all the DRM stuff. How are you not? Funny, but I see used music, movies, and clothes in many places. Why does the original maker deserve more money when the original buyer sells what they bought to someone else?

"If someone was stealing from you (like Gamestop does every day to customers and publishers/devs) you would be pissed and want to do something about it too."

So the way to get GameStop to do the right thing is to punish the consumers?

Give me a break.

"I remember when people were shitting bricks when they found out the music industry was going digital and HDTV was replacing analog. Also when MS wanted to put a internet connection to xbox people thought that was stupid saying things like, "consoles don't need the internet". "

Not even remotely similar.

This "some gamers are afraid of change" argument is really ridiculous, but I'm not surprised to see you jump on board. The bottom line is the publishers want more money, whether they deserve it or not, and you agree with them for some reason. I still haven't seen anyone explain why they deserve it.

insomnium22019d ago


I think we all know what the reason is why belking agrees with this.

rainslacker2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I don't ask for stuff for free, but if it's offered I don't mind taking it.

I think the games I purchase in the store with my money is mine. Call me crazy I guess. Dunno why I'd think that way since it's only been like that for the 30+ years I've been gaming.

GameStop is a red herring. They don't steal from their customers. Customers choose to use the services they provide, and while it may not be oconsumer friendly, it's not against consumer rights. If they are stealing from the publishers then why do publishers support them so much? Answer me that smart boy. Publishers could have shut down GameStop long ago.

People weren't shitting bricks over music going all digital. You know why? because it didn't go all digital. You can still buy physical CD's, and to say almost no one buys physical anymore is just wrong. It was only last year where digital sales JUST BARELY passed physical sales. The key to that transition was choice. The adoption happened because of the convenience and the price. Price is something I don't put much trust in publishers of games to go the same route.

HDTV hasn't replace analog...or I believe you mean SDTV. SDTV is still widely available, and in fact is more ubiquitous in people's homes than HDTV's. HDTV doesn't even have a 50% adoption rate in the US, it's not expected to reach that point until 2016. Another fact, a vast majority of programming delivered is still in SDTV, with HDTV being a premium charged addition. Try using google before making up facts.

I'm sorry if we look at things from a consumer prospective. I'm sorry if that's an inconvenience for you. But last time I checked, we are consumers. I imagine you are one as well.

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pain777pas2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

So much agree with this post. It is not about the consoles features it is about WHY the consoles have the features that they do. This is "for the love of money" features not to improve gaming in any way shape or form. Why are people so blind these days? What is happening to people these days? Are people watching to much Glee or The Office or Parks and Rec to dumb you down to a sheep?

Simon_Brezhnev2019d ago

What im trying to figure out how come Microsoft doesn't do this with windows or office the 24 hour checks. So why should gamers be find with it. They just using gamers as lab rats to see if its a success.

3-4-52019d ago

We aren't afraid of change for the better, we don't like change for the worse though.

We are open to change, hence us embracing the next gen of gaming...duh..

Just because we aren't ball licking Microsoft doesn't mean we don't appreciate change.

The "changed" games have to be good though and you can't JUST change the box, you have to give us games to play on it, and not just crap games, games that we like and appreciate and remember for years to come.

The problem is that the people with final say/making decisions at a lot of these companies are so far removed from being a gamer that they just can't relate and so they make horrible choices that no gamer would obviously make and they just to always put a spin on it with some BS talk and what not.

We are aware of these All show, no substance kind of people now and those people are now butthurt that they can't trick people as easily anymore.

Microsoft could have spent $400 million on creating 5-7 of the best games ever, but instead they invest that in kinect 2.0 and TV.


What is the point of change if its change if its change for the worse...

princejb1342019d ago

There's good change and bad change out there
Some of the things these companies do only benefits themselves rather than making the consumers( the people who buy their consoles) happy

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Supermax2019d ago

Nobody wanted Microsoft to require a broadband connection for gameing online when the standard was 56 k modems.

SnakeCQC2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

not the same thing

@ downloading games is nice but unless the game prices actually change and reflect age of games etc like steam it wont take off on consoles esp on the xb1. Thats the main reason it has done so well on pc to the point of people abondoning their disc drives.

Blu ray, blu ray xl etc can hold massive amounts of data as long as they continually give devs the ability to store as much as they want there really isnt a problem with them at all.

Wikkid6662019d ago

Really is... change is change. The future is in digital distribution. Physical media is dated and eventually gone.

phantomexe2019d ago

You would be surprised how many people won't by big games if they don't have a hard copy. Maybe one day it will be ok but we are nowhere near that yet. i'm shocked some of you would even try to defend it. I'm guessing you have more money then sence.

Fireseed2019d ago

It's actually kinda weird to me, see I'm an animator and thusly work with plenty other animators and the like. We've dealt with modern age digital licensing for the longest time now (Try to buy a license of Maya and re sell... let me know how well that goes for you) so to see games finally adopt the individual licensing policies so late is just kind of natural. People are attached to the idea of them buying the physical and tangible product that it's now THEIR property an they can do with it as they see fit. But what you're really doing is buying a license to operate it. Pretty damn sure it would sound insane if I were to ask my friend to come over so we can both use his copy of Marmoset Toolbag :P

SexyGamerDude2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Some countries have a law that allows you to pass on the license to operate it. If I purchase something, I can give it to some one else. License or physical copy.

Cupid_Viper_32019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Wrong.... When you buy/rent a "program" like PhotoShop or Maya, you're buying a license to use it. Those programs grants you access to a "service" that you can use from the comfort of your home or office without having to go directly to the said company's physical location to use the service.

A video game on a disc is NOT a SERVICE, the same way a movie on DVD or BluRay is not a service. They are end products sold on a market, hence there should be digital licensing on attached with it, unless you bought a Digital Copy instead of a physical one.

Get it right buddy.... Sh!!!!!!t, even your car insurance is transferrable to whomever you let borrow your car, and insurance companies are known to be evil. So let that sink in for a bit.

Fireseed2019d ago

So let me get this straight... games... with their after launch patches, continued multiplayer server support. Are not a service. Ok just wanted to make sure.

Basically games ARE indeed a service and are based on a license system, buying the physical disc doesn't mean you can rip the art assets from it and use them in your game or some shit, the 60$ is a basic owner/operator license.

Gh05t2019d ago


If games were made correctly no patches would be needed.

Intellectual property is still the right of the creator I can not rip it and use it as my own whether it is ART from a game or WORDS from a book or MUSIC from a song. yet I can trade movies, music, and all my old games.

One other point to mention just because this licensing of Maya and other products have laws defending the resale of the license doesn't mean we all agree with that either. To be perfectly honest I hate licensing laws that protect the resale of any product that is purchased (digital or not).

ShwankyShpanky2019d ago

>>with their after launch patches, continued multiplayer server support.

The original product is just that, a product. Updates and server support are a "service."

Owning a car isn't a "service." Dealer maintenance, OnStar, etc, are services.

If I want to use a game as-purchased, as-is, with no "services" attached to it, I should be allowed to do so without further charge or restrictions on use or reselling. The Xbone policies infringe upon that.

RavageX2019d ago

Completely different area IMO. Going back to gaming and not PC software licenses, I dunno about you but I've never taken a pc game over to a friend's house so we can do co-op, or to simply play it for a while and go home, leave with a friend for awhile, etc.

I don't even think I've ever had a group of friends sitting around a single PC playing games together.

Consoles on the other hand, yes. All the time, yes.

All this has done is make this harder and more inconvenient to do, not to mention other problems that are bound to appear for some people.

What if you end up somewhere without internet? That happens to more people than you realize. Oops? Tough luck? SOL?

How about gamers that don't have decent internet?

Hard Drive failure? Guess you'll to install all those games again just to play one instead of simply popping the disc in.(Mandatory install right?)Add the fact that 500gigs would be gone QUICK considering all the games I own. I guess that means I'd just have to spend more money on an external drive.


Back to the used game issue, something that isn't clear to me is what do you do when you want to sell to an individual? I have only seen talk of selling to "participating retailers". I figured(and even mentioned) that Gamestop would be partnered with this somehow, and you all should know how they just LOVE giving you decent prices/credit on the games you sell them.

Gamers as a whole are really being bent over a barrel on this, the sad thing is some don't even realize it.

LTSK2019d ago

If we are paying only for licensing right to use a game then game price should be lower not more then $20 because we are basically renting a game license ,but $60 for so call renting "license" is unacceptable.

StockpileTom2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


"Basically games ARE indeed a service and are based on a license system, buying the physical disc doesn't mean you can rip the art assets from it and use them in your game or some shit, the 60$ is a basic owner/operator license."

So by your logic I could buy a bag of Cheetos and then have rights to use its logo royalty free because it's a product and not a service?

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strigoi8142019d ago

We are not afraid of change...we are just afraid of being ripped off

Felonycarclub82019d ago

To me all of this is happening because of GameStop and other companies alike, If this companies gave a percentage back from selling used games just like they do with new games I don't think we would be having this conversation. I also believe some game companies would be doing a lot better and some would probably be still alive and running, and the gaming industry would be in a better shape.

ShwankyShpanky2019d ago

In what other industry does the producer receive returns from second-hand sales of previously-purchased products?