Microsoft Looks to Cash in on Rivals iPhone

Don't think for a minute that Microsoft is ignoring the iPhone. In fact, the software giant is probing the gadget for profit opportunities.

For a little more than a week, a team of the company's Silicon Valley software engineers has been examining the iPhone software development kit (SDK for short), a set of tools Apple (AAPL) released this month that let outsiders build software for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Microsoft (MSFT) executives aren't sure yet whether they'll find worthwhile opportunities to sell iPhone software – but they seem eager to find out.

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decapitator3647d ago

Can't blame them. The iPhone is pretty big over here in NA so I could see why they would wanna do this.

mighty_douche3647d ago

As long as it's not the same as how they "Cashed in" on the ipod with the Zune.

MS should really consentrate on what they already produce, they dont need a finger in EVERY pie.

decapitator3647d ago

You cant have too much money' seems like their way of operating and I don't think that is bad so far as the competition is left alone.

mighty_douche3647d ago

"You cant have too much money"

Very true, but all these ventures seem to cost more than they make.

Bonsai12143647d ago

they're not making a phone for themselves. they're making programs for the phone. there's a big difference. can you imagine? IE for iPhone... lol

PS360WII3647d ago

hey if they make some worthwhile software on the iPhone I'd pick it up. I'm diggin how big this iPhone SDK thing is becoming. It isn't even released to the general public yet!

decapitator3647d ago

Yeah its really taking off. I guess most people were just waiting for it to be released to the public.

The_Engineer3647d ago

done some neat things with the iphone, Apple recently held a 2 week introductory course to the SDK and in the first week one dev already had a tilt sensing flight combat simulator up and running.

Of course now you know why microsuck is looking at it, they want to compete with the PSP. Shouldn't they have done that with their console instead of designing it and building it themselves??

Adamalicious3647d ago

In general Apple fans/consumers aren't the biggest Microsoft fans. I don't run any Microsoft apps on my MacBook, and I don't foresee myself running any on my (future) iPhone.

Bear in mind that all apps have to be approved by Apple and distributed through the "App Store" so it's not like Microsoft can just so whatever they want. The only significant Microsoft program, or set of programs, is Office for OS X - which really isn't needed on a platform like iPhone.

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